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    Good news for Classic Rock Surround Fans in 2011! We saw titles from Pink Floyd, The Who, Derek and the Domino's, Jethro Tull, and Rush appear in new, crystal clear quadraphonic and 5.1 mixes. At a time when the surround music market seemed to be pretty much shut down, these titles somehow managed to become available for purchase. The bad news was that in order to get these surround releases, the surround buyer was required to purchase a "Deluxe Box Set", in some cases in very limited editions.

    Now, there are a few ways to look at these releases. First, and what seems to be the majority opinion here at QQ, you could look at it as described above, and be very annoyed that these titles are not available as stand-alone surround only releases. You could say that since these were created to be included in these box sets, why not make more and sell them direct, much the same way that Pink Floyd did with the Wish You Were Here SACD.

    The opposing view point might be "Hey, they didn't HAVE to include surround versions in these boxes, since the boxes are not targeted for the surround market, they are created for the ultimate fan of these bands." This is also true. Many box sets have appeared over the years, and QQ members have complained "Why didn't they put the quad mix in the box, they really blew it." The McCartney Band on the Run book/box comes to mind for example.

    I suppose the best way to look at these releases is that at LEAST these boxes included the surround mixes, and in the case of the 2 Pink Floyd Boxes and the Aqualung box the buyer not only got a new 5.1 mix disc, but also the original quadraphonic mix. In some ways, this is astonishing. Who ever thought we'd ever see the quad Aqualung mix be sold again in any format? Or the WYWH 1975 quad mix?

    As for Derek and the Domino's, the Elliot Scheiner mix was something we'd only heard about, and now it was there, for us to buy and hear - at a price of course.

    Maybe at some point these surround discs will be available as stand alone releases. At this point, we don't know. However, what we do know is that they are available in these boxes, and that is good. It is far better, IMHO, to have a box set with a surround mix out there, even at a high price, than to have a box set out there at a high price with no surround mix.

    Surround music fans have been beaten into submission over the years to be grateful for whatever pittance the record companies give us. That hasn't changed, but you have to admit that at least, with these recent box sets, they have at least given us something to enjoy, mostly in HiRez, with multiple mixes and alternate tracks in surround. The sad part is that there are many fans who simply cannot afford the price tag of these deluxe box sets, and hopefully the coming year will see these titles appear as single surround releases, even if only as limited editions available through places like Acoustic Sounds and Elusive Discs.

    For those who purchased one or more of these boxes, be sure to vote in LizardKing's poll "The Year of the Box", located in the forum.
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    News has been spreading around the internet today about the newly announced Pink Floyd massive box sets of their most popular albums with outakes, alternate versions, and much more. These $100+ releases are set to include multiple versions of all released 5.1 mixes. For the first time in the same package, Dark Side of the Moon will be available in both the James Guthrie SACD mix and the original Alan Parsons 1973 Quadraphonic mix! The Wish You Were Here album will included the unreleased James Guthrie SACD 5.1 mix as well as the 1975 Quadraphonic Mix!!

    There is a lot of information available on the new reissue campaign over at "Brain Damage", the Pink Floyd new resource, which is a great site for all things Pink Floyd. You can read all about this release at the link below. We'll have more info here as we get it.

    This is great news for Pink Floyd Surround Fans, although it will be an expensive treat! There may also be a release of the WYWH 5.1 mix from Acoustic Sounds as a stand alone issue as well.

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    Mercury Records has released a 30th Anniversary "Deluxe Edition CD" of the 1981 classic Rush album "Moving Pictures" in two different versions, each sporting a new 5.1 Surround Mix of the album! One version includes a DVD-Audio disc, the other a Blu-Ray Audio disc. Both versions include 3 music videos in 5.1 on the DVD or Blu-Ray.

    "Moving Pictures" is the Canadian bands biggest selling album, and includes the hits "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight". Those that chose the DVD package will get a "real" DVD-Audio, with High Resolution 24/96 5.1 audio, as well as a Dolby Digital track for those without DVD-A capability. The Blu-Ray disc contains a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track, and a 5.1 24/96 PCM surround track.

    This is the first DVD-Audio release from a major label in the US since WB/Rhino released Graham Nash's "Songs for Beginners" in September of 2008. It's also the first commercially available DVD-Audio disc I've ever seen that specifically addresses the hundred thousands of DVD-Audio players that can be found in automobiles on the worlds highways.

    For those who purchase this disc in either form, be sure to make your observations in the proper QQ Poll created for each version. The DVD-Audio HiRez Poll thread can be found HERE, and the Blu-Ray Audio Poll thread can be found HERE.

    Be sure to grab one of these great releases as soon as you can, for as we all know with new 5.1 surround releases, they won't last long, and they probably will disappear forever in a short time.

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    Universal Music Group 'Backstreet/Geffen Records' and Tom Petty have released his classic album recorded in 1979 with the Heartbreakers in 5.1 HiRez surround on a Blu-Ray Audio disc! It's also available as a double CD, a 2 LP set, and on iTunes. This release features nine additional bonus tracks that include two studio tracks from the original album recording sessions, “Nowhere” and “Surrender".

    This title can be ordered at the usual internet places like amazon and such, and some members have even found it in local stores and some Best Buys! As will all surround releases, it's best to get them when they show up, as their longevity is always in doubt. Since this is a popular catalog title, it would be a safe bet to say if you don't get one now, you may end up paying big eBay money in the future should you decide you want one later.

    Along with the disc, bonus tracks, booklet and other info in the Blu-Ray release, buyers also get a free download of the stereo album tracks in the format of their choice (including 24/96) for use in their stereo home and portable equipment.

    Check out more about it in the forums and in the HiRez Poll section for this title!

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    Newly released on kscope records, the highly anticipated Blu-Ray/DVD concert package of Porcupine Tree - Live from Tilburg, Holland is now available. Released in a high quality, "book-like" package that contains the Blu-Ray disc, a standard DVD, and the full color, high quality pages that contain photos and the details of the release.

    This title is getting rave reviews in the forum, and is yet another example of Porcupine Tree and Steve Wilson's commitment to surround sound and high quality audio that QQ members have come to appreciate and expect.

    There is no greater example of an artist who has gained prominence among surround fans as Steve Wilson and Porcupine Tree. His efforts to get his material, along with Porcupine Tree and King Crimson, among others, is a shining example of a true surround sound pioneer. In a retail climate where most big labels shudder at the thought of releasing HiRez surround music, even when accompanied by a video concert, Steve Wilson and kscope Records have shown that they care about surround music and continue to release not just cursory 5.1 releases, but OUTSTANDING 5.1 releases that constantly top the QQ HiRez Polls.

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