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    by Published on 11-01-2011 07:50 PM

    Quad Pioneer Lou Dorren has completed the prototype of the new CD-4 Demodulator, dedicated to the late Michael Flaherty, who worked closely with Lou on this project.

    The pitcure below shows the first unit, wearing Dymo labels instead of the silk screened text that will be on the production units. After 3 years of design, construction, and testing, the prototype unit will be sent to QQ Headquarters for initial testing and evaluation.

    Those interested should keep an eye on the original thread in the forum and here on the QQ Home Page for the latest information and test results.

    Lou will be posting more information as the production run gets closer. For those who are not on the order list and are interested, be sure to post in the order thread in the forum to make sure that Theresa can get a firm total. Over the time since this was first announced, many have pre-ordered and a few have pre-ordered, then cancelled.

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    Many of us have been waiting for the announcement that Lou Dorren's new CD-4 demodulator was ready for release for some time now. Lou has designed this and worked on its' manufacture for the past few years, along with doing his multitude of "real" jobs, including running his record company and other businesses.

    The time is almost here. He has had the cartridges manufactured and say's they're quite remarkable. For those who have signed up to purchase one of these demodulators and not seen the new thread concerning ordering extra cartridges and styli, be sure to respond if you would like to order these in addition to the demodulator.

    Also, if you want to get on the list for purchase, or have your name removed from that list, be sure to make a post in the appropriate thread. This way Lou will have an idea as to how many to create. Remember, this is a one time deal. Lou is doing this as a hobby and not as a profit maker or full time endeavor.

    Once I get the evaluation unit, I will post pictures (and maybe videos!) and samples of the results. Be sure to check into the forum for all of the latest news.

    For your convenience, here are the threads of importance:

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