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    From Germany, an announcement from Dietrich:

    After our initial announcement some months ago, our label "Quadro-Surround" is pleased to announce our first production as a DVD-Audio, which will also play on regular DVD and Blu Ray players. We have already done some productions via digital recording, but for our first offer we have taken a studio rough tape of 16 tracks. Reproduced with a studio machine and professional Dolby A, the mixdown was done in a strickly quadraphonic tradition, which means big channel separation and all-around sound, unlike some of the newer productions with SA-CD or DVD-Audio 5.1 mixes.

    Our DVD-Audio runs (without the need to access an on-screen menu) automatically in the right mode after inserting the drawer. When played in a DVD-Audio compatible player, the DVD-Audio tracks are the default output. With a DVD or Blu Ray player, the Dolby Digital track is recognized automatically.

    Musical tastes are different. But one must be taken for the first offer. For our first official release, we have chosen to go with Latin based music, which can present a well defined surround sound presentation with many percussion, noises and and sounds. The orchestra is Frank Valdor , who has for many years led one of the best orchestras in Germany and neighbouring countries. His "Hot Nights in Rio" (recorded in Brasil) is not just a copy of Perez Prado or Xavier Cugat, he has an own style, which will please listeners familiar and unfamiliar with his work.

    The price of our DVD-Audio is 22,-- which means around $ 24,-- including air mail shipment. If you would like to buy such a DVD-Audio, you can write us about our web site www.quadro-surround.de, with PM or direct to me (www.RaschD@aol.com). Payment should be made via PayPal. To make the payment process easier, we can send your PayPal account a request for payment once we have your information.

    We will produce further releases in the future containing all sorts of music, but without Heavy Metal or free Jazz or others which is musically a real niche. I think, a special interest will have Rock Music. But you have the possibility to talk us your own interests. If possible, we would produce those types music. Our next 2 productions we will announce here in 2 or 3 weeks.

    With our label we naw have the possibility to produce new quadraphonic music without waiting for the big companies or Rhinos "handmade", which has offered us only 2 old quadraphonic recordings, not new recordings. We are veteran quadraphonic fans from the 70's and are familliar with the type of sound the quadraphonic and surround fans like to listen to. That is a real discrete sound with a mix that is all around the listener. When the fans will take part by buying our DVD-Audios and we can earn back the money for a production, which is 4,000,-- we can have a real own quadraphonic label - independent from the big firms, which have further on only a very low interests to give us new and really quadraphonic productions. More about us - the technical and the productions - check out our web-site at www.quadro-surround.de.



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    The Who's Quadraphenia album is getting a deluxe release coming in November in an expensive (~$150) box set that includes everything but the kitchen sink, including a DVD-Audio disc featuring 8 tracks newly mixed into 5.1 HiRez surround.

    This from Amazon.com "The box set gives a unique insight into the creation of this landmark album and will feature a re-master of the original double album, Pete Townshend's previously unheard demos including songs that didn't make it onto the original album, an exclusive eight track 5.1 sound DVD(-A), a deluxe hard-back book, previously unseen personal notes, photographs, memorabilia and other exclusive material."

    Once we have more info, it will be posted in the forum. There is an ongoing thread about this release here
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    Because Words Can't Take You There [July 6, 2011]

    Listen To Preview

    Here is the DVD-Audio ISO

    Menu is NTSC
    Autoplay - will start playing when place in player
    24-bit / 96kHz 5.0 Surround Sound (no LFE)
    Video: None

    This album sounds more like traditional ambient music but does have melodic
    elements. Some of the instruments used are electric guitar (Stratocaster),
    Roland Fantom, Korg Triton, Kurzweil k2600.

    1 Atomosphics
    2 A Kell For April
    3 One Starry Starry Starry Night
    4 In Fields of Green I Met Her
    5 Whiring Above Our Heads
    6 An Ellipse Miss Seifert?
    7 Moonchild Don't Wake Me Till Morning
    8 Peering Into Another World Before Friday
    9 Like Walking On The Wind

    There is a DVD-Video version of this album here:
    Eight of the 9 songs have video.

    You can watch one of the videos on the album here:

    I also have two other DVD-Audio ISO images available here:
    Diatonis - Highway 1 / DVD-Audio / ISO
    Diatonis - An Abstract View / DVD-Audio / ISO

    Lastly the Free "Dark Edges" DVD-Audio ISO Image file:
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    There's a new UK based record label, started by QQ Member Martin Russell, that was founded with Surround Sound in mind. The first release, a self titled DVD-Audio from Rwandan Artist "Dorothee Munyaneza", is now available directly from their website as well as many other internet resellers.

    According to Martin, who is also the producer and co-writer of the album, he originally offered the release to Peter Gabriel's "Real World" record label but they were "put off" by the surround element of the release, as were other distributers he approached.

    Because he felt so strongly about the importance of the surround aspect of this release, he decided to start his own label to get this out to the marketplace. Quite an impressive task to undertake, but it's now underway and the product is out there and available.

    The DVD-Audio was created by Neil Wilkes and his "Opus Productions", and is available only as a CD/DVD-A release. The DVD-A disc includes HiRez Stereo, MLP HiRez 5.1 audio tracks as well as DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks for those without DVD-Audio players.

    Dorothee Munyaneza's music is beautiful and moving, with a very enjoyable surround sound field. My niece said it was "Lion King" music! This is a title that might go undiscovered by many QQ members if it were not for it's availability in surround.

    For those interested in this first release, Martin has made two HiRez surround tracks available for free download. Many QQ members have downloaded these and gone on to purchase the album. I would suggest that everyone download these files and listen to them, then if inclined, grab this CD/DVD-A package and help support Martin's effort.

    With the current state of surround sound audio only releases, it's only fair that we support all companies like Luminary Records that go out on a limb to release true, HiRez surround sound releases.

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