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Derek & The Dominos - Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Ellioitt Scheiner5.1)

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QQ member number 4041
Mar 30, 2009
London, England
As I love Queen's Greatest Video Hits [2 disc set/DTS 5.1 DISCRETE] wonder why May/Scheiner never tackled the remainder of the wonderful Queen catalogue?
good question! i don't know at all (rumours Scheiner & May didn't exactly see eye to eye) but who knows, could be just hearsay/poppycock!

afaik the intention was to carry on remixing the catalogue beyond The Game, with A Day At The Races next in line for the 5.1 treatment, according to May himself on his own website.

further down the line, some of the NOTW album is said to be missing multi's, so not sure how they'd have got around that, some unwrap/upmix job I guess.

unless the catalogue's revisited for remix, which seems unlikely at this point, I think we should be happy with the MultiCh Queen we've got, which is not bad really when you factor in the 2 x DVD Video collections plus the 2 x DVD-A's, plus Freddie's solo 5.1 DVD is kinda cool too.