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HARMAN / KARDON 75+ SQ problems ?


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Sep 13, 2010
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Hello QQ forum........I am still new to the use of this forum.

Anyway...I have a Harman 75+ that I think has a problem. I have recapped the unit and serviced it. The problem is, when I engage an SQ mode, there is noticeably lower output in the LEFT front channel. SQ mode 2 being the worst. Is this normal SQ 'behaviour'? If not, what do I check on the SQ board? I have changed all LEFT front/back transistors and I have checked all resistors in that circuit too.

Maybe one of you with a 75+ could run a small test for me to confirm..........AUX input(CD?)......engage an SQ mode....and report with the results....that would be awesome.

Any help from all you QQ gurus would be great. Thanks.

Doug G.

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Jul 8, 2007
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Rochester, Minnesota

I don't have an HK but that is not normal behavior for SQ. In fact, one of the goals of SQ quad is to pretty much have the two front channels the same as in two channel stereo with the same amount of separation.

So, can we assume that in two channel mode, the two front channels are of equal output level? If that's the case, there is a problem in the left front output of the SQ decoder itself. You seem to have covered most components so I don't really know where to steer you next as I am not familiar with that particular receiver.