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Help! Bought A Receiver Today, No Sound Rear Channel, Panasonic RE-8244


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Aug 30, 2012
I'm not so sure I like that title :p

I just see the poor little 4-Channel guys sitting on shelves in thrift stores or in garages all unloved and I have to adopt the little guys and fix them up. They had some cool designs for the Quad Crumpack units. It seems that no one realises that they are quad, and not your average stereo crumpack. Before these, the only stereo compact I've held on to was my dad's Channel Master and my Mom's mod looking green GE. I have the original speakers for both, the GE is packed up in the original box with instructions and everything. The channel Master is in great shape except for the BSR turntable has the seemingly obligatory (99% of the ones I've seen have this problem) that it is seized up probably due to bad lube. I'venever seen another Channel Master exactly like it. In fact, you dont see many Channel Masters at all ever. Holy crap when I put it like that I do have a lot of crumpacks!

I also have a lot of nice receivers and other Hi-Fi equipment too so I'm safe.
Mar 13, 2008
Johnstown, PA
When I was younger I had a Panasonic quad compact system. It was given to me by the neighbor and had 8-track/am/fm and a record changer on top. The 8 track had a problem, so I took it apart and accidentally shorted something out. The motor wouldn't run anymore. I ended up taking it all apart and built other things out of the pieces (sorry). For the life of me I can't remember what model it was. It had the round tuning dial. If I saw another I'd buy it.

My dad's first stereo was a Panasonic compact as well. It was a 44 series with the eight track built in. We sold it at a yard sale when I was about 3. A few years back I picked one up at a yard sale for $8. It's very clean and works nicely for what it is.

If yours has an output pack, usually they're numbered STKxxxx, it may have died. I've seen many go for no good reason. If you're lucky their still available online somewhere. Pretty simple replacement.


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Dec 12, 2016
Blue Earth, MN
I know this is a seriously old thread, and that it's not proper to respond, but I felt the need.

I purchased a Panasonic RE-8840 last week, with a quad eight-track. Well, I simply couldn't get the rear channels to work... I sprayed everything with contact cleaner: The volume knob, selector switch, balance control, etc. I also went inside the unit and spreaded the internal switches. However, after a full day I was stumped.

When I gave up and turned the unit off, I noticed the sound would get louder in the incredibly weak and staticy rear speakers. I didn't think it would be so easy, but I sprayed some deoxit in the power switch. It worked.

Within moments and a few presses, ALL the speakers came to life. Problem fixed.

This is a decent and warm sounding little compact system. I have ordered a replacement 8-track belt (the old one had turned to dust and fragments) and this thing will be my office music system by the end of the week.

The only thing left to do is replace a fuse light and the three bulbs that illuminate the am/fm dials, and the balance indicator.