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Jethro Tull - "Heavy Horses" (New Shoes Edition) to be released in February 2018!


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Jul 2, 2003
in your face
I've owned this album since the day it came out in 1978 (and I caught the tour too). Gave the 5.1 a listen last night, including all the bonus tracks. Stellar sound quality, excellent 5.1 mix, but I agree with Ian that as an album it's not top-class Tull. Example: 'No Lullaby' is half-great, but it's really basically the same intro/verse/chorus stated then repeated, without interesting variation. Why? (Shades of Rush's 'Camera Eye')

The bonus tracks are strong, though, and I am delighted with the remix of 'Beltane'.

(Also, Ian's voice timbre changed quite a bit for this one, and I've never liked its gruff sound -- it's as if almost the whole album was done in the style of 'Jack In The Green' (from Songs from the Wood) . Then later on of course his voice *really* went south......)

The Bern concert sounds good too, much more presence for the drums and bass compared to Bursting Out.

The booklet is exhaustive, and exhausting (did I *really* need essays by Maddy Pryor and the violinist from Curved Air and the guy who worked for Maison Rouge for this one Tull album?) , as usual for these releases. Better more than less, I guess.

(I'm not voting because I think the 1-10 scale is absurd ,as I've said before. )

[EDIT: I see there's a dedicated poll thread now...moderator, feel free to move this post there, or not)
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