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Looking for rotary switch part for a Panasonic RS-858USD

Apr 6, 2015
I went back through my two machines in the Spring and replaced belts/realigned them. But I improved one thing (apparently) to death by accident.

That little rotary switch (I think it's part number might be "S4") has two little flat pieces of metal that act like a distributor rotor and that lights the track display.

My 858 has a tandem (redundant) set of these (sandwiched) and the second appears to be unnecessary. But......every time I cycle through the four tracks, every OTHER time track number "1" fails to light up. I've tried to cajole it, (it sat around working fine for about two weeks before I reassembled and put it back into its place in a wooden cabinet underneath my RT-1020L) but to no avail.

If somebody has a parts donor switch, I'd be happy to purchase it if I can afford it....thanks to all for any advice/assistance.