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Need quad clarification

Mar 18, 2005
This is in regard to the Saint-Saens 'Organ' Symphony recorded by Jean Martinon. I can't figure out if this thing is quad or not, or whether it depends on which version you get. Try this:

Angel [US] S-37122 Cover doesn't say quad, but it uses a circle Angel logo (normally the giveaway) and the catalog number on the label itself is SQ-2-37122
EMI [France] 2C 063-14070Q Back cover says quad, but the label doesn't
EMI [Germany] 1C 065-14070Q Cover doesn't say quad but the label does - also catalog # has Q at the end
EMI [UK] ASD-3674 No mention of quad on cover or label
EMI [Netherlands] 5C 063-14070Q cover says quad, no access to label

Anyone who has any of these: I would love you to tell me what your ears tell you.