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What's the Latest DISCRETE Quad LP Added to Your Pile? CD-4, UD-4


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Jan 1, 2010
Deodato 2- King 4D-6

The latest in my ongoing quest to collect all these Japanese CD-4 discs from King Records. Obviously kind of redundant now that Dutton Vocalion's SACD exists (maybe that's why I got such a bargain), but rare and interesting nonetheless.

Now, is anyone willing to part with their copies of CK- Fantasy or Wakeman- Six Wives? :)

Or better yet, Airto's Fingers, which I can't even find a picture of! Allegedly exists as 4D-19



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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
Here's what I just dragged home today, plus a handful of Q8's, too!

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Love that Rockin Soul Quad!

lots of front/rear split boy/girl vocal fun!

"so i'd like to know where
you got the notion..
to Rock The Boat... don't rock the boat, BABY!!!"

Oww!! :banana:

a perfect one for DV release methinks! :p

"don't you carry nothin that might be a load
come on ease on down
ease on down
come on ease on down
ease on down
come on ease on down
ease on down
down the road....
eeeeeeeeeaaaaase on down the road!" :D