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Thread: Jethro Tull 5.1

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    Default Re: Jethro Tull 5.1

    Quote Originally Posted by quicksrt View Post
    The reviews you have read confirm that SFTW got a (suspected) lower budget to work with?

    Not at all, you are dreaming up ideas not based on reality. That set went all out with content and addded video was not cheap to do. And the sound quality I am reading about is said to be stellar.

    I know nothing about HH as of yet, but I have no worries of it (if it gets done) being a low quality low budget affair.

    They will continue these sets or they will stop. I don't see cutting corners an option at this point.

    Isn't he referring to the original 70's mixes? The new mixes are all stellar! If you haven't got SFTW yet what are you waiting for, it might not be around forever...

    Heavy Horses is in progress, Ian mentioned he was giving feedback on SW's mixes during a recent interview

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    Default Re: Jethro Tull 5.1

    This recent interview at with Ian was linked in Burning Shed's twitter feed....the 5.1 related info:

    Q: What is the current status with the Chrysalis reissue series? The most recent remaster was Songs From The Wood. I was wondering if that meant Heavy Horses was next, whether you would be jumping around the chronology to go to The Broadsword and the Beast, or if the series was concluded?

    Ian A: Heavy Horses is indeed the next one, and has been completed and signed-off as far as the stereo remixes are concerned, that Steven Wilson has been working the material with me over several years. He himself has a new album out (To The Bone -ED.) and he is preparing a whole bunch of tour dates, and so hes a bit tied up when it comes to doing the 5.1 surround stereo mixes. Therefore, it is now being released in the early part of next year. It will be a lavish boxed set with a lot of material. Weve been working on that during the last many months. Its kind of ready to go as soon as Steven plugs in the actual stereo mix layout and then redistributes things in 5.1, and makes a few little tweaks and changes. Then Ill go to his studio and listen to it, and well hopefully get that on the road in time for a release in the early part of 2018.

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