Currently available only at Best Buy, this live concert Blu-Ray has been released by UMG with a very "progressive" 5.1 mix.

Brian Riordan, Emmy award-winning sound rerecording mixer and founder of Levels Audio, uniquely orchestrated the master 5.1 mix by leveraging the abundant audience microphones placed around Madison Square Garden during the concert to bring an immersing surround sound atmosphere to the Blu-ray Disc. Taking a progressive approach to concert videos, the Blu-ray mix breaks away from traditional use of surrounds by seemingly placing instruments around the viewer to deliver a truly unique 5.1 experience enhanced by the Dolby TrueHD soundtrack

You can read about the mix in this Dolby article, and those with a sharp eye will see a QQ connection in there somewhere!

So, for those that get to their local Best Buy (this disc will be available everywhere once the exclusivity period expires), please post your thoughts and comments on this new 5.1 concert release.

lady gaga blu-ray.jpg