Here's an interesting oddity. Someone has downmixed the Talking Heads 5.1 releases to stereo and although it seems like a bizarre thing to do and perhaps odd to talk about it here at QQ, the downmixes seem to offer something new. Robin Sharoma, the guy who made the new mixes, reckons the 5.1 mixes are more dynamic for a start, so pulling that back to a stereo mix, should result in a stereo mix with better dynamic range. He also reckons there are other upsides about doing this including iirc, that the 5.1 mixes were created using the original multitrack tapes. The upshot of which is, the downmixes are almost certainly going to sound different to most other stereo releases, if not all - whether that includes vinyl, I don't know.

I downloaded all the albums last night and the dynamic range is very good and the music does indeed sound different to the stereo versions that come as part of the CD/DVD-A releases. Do I like them? In a word, yes!

I'd be happy to share the download link with anyone, but in any case, you'll probably want to click here at Robin's website where he talks about the project before doing anything else. Fwiw, the downmixes aren't directly available to download from his website.