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I'm so happy to give this disc the highest rating I can, which is a '10'!
For me, this disc is right up there with the best 5.1 surround releases of last year ("Skylarking", "Tales of Mystery and Imagination", "Tales from Topographic Oceans", etc.)

It's my kind of music, it's my kind of surround mix (discrete but always fitting the music like a glove), and the fidelity is off the charts!

Everyone owes it to themselves, their fellow QQ members, and (especially) Neil Wilkes to buy this disc!
It's very well-priced, and there's almost an hour of amazing surround music to continuously enjoy and delve into for years to come!
I wish I could write a more detailed review, but time is short for me these days, so once again, I'll just say, BUY THIS!

What HE SAID!!!!!!