For some time now I have been keeping a list of re-issued quadraphonic titles.
These include the NEVER BEFORE RELEASED TITLES from the quad era.
The quad era is for the most part 69 to 85, or so I think.

All titles listed are Rock, Pop (wuss rock), Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B.

I have not compiled a listing of M.O.R. (middle of the road) titles, such as Mystic Moods, Mancini, Montenegro, etc.

Neither have I compiled a listing of Classical titles although many exist as re-issues from the likes of MoFi-Vox, EMI and Pentatone R (Q) R series, and more notable titles from Deutsche Grammophon and Phillips. The DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON and PHILLIPS releases are noteworthy as they are NEVER BEFORE RELEASES. I mention this so that perhaps someone who has the listings will post them one day.

Also I have not listed current quad mixes such as Andy Jackson's, Lindsey Buckinham, etc.

These Re-quad quad listings are all DTS CD, SACD, BLU-RAY, DVDA and some are 4.0 or 4.1 or derived from quad for 5.1.

Hopefully my listngs are mostly accurate. I thiught it imperative to share these quad titles for quad collectors or old and new individuals that have quad interests.