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Thanks for this list.
It's amazing how much vintage quad has come out lately between Audio Fidelity, Chicago Quadio, PF box, etc.

I'm afraid I'm unclear on the criteria for inclusion on a few of these.
Don't get me wrong, it's your list, I don't want to nitpick.
To be fair, some of the origins are murky.

The one that stands out to me is Super Session.
Al Kooper wrote fascinating liner notes about re-mixing it from the original multitracks to 5.1.
Lots center channel signal.
IMHO, that puts it in the same category as, say, Idlewild South or Stand Up, which you did not list.

The Beach Boys, well, your prerogative...


I guess I should explain why I included those two Beach Boys discs, now please note I have a question mark with them.

To me I think there are still "unanswered" questions surrounding those discs.
Stephen Desper was not aware that they had "quad indications"all these years and yet he was the engineer. But he left Brother Records right after "Surf's Up" was released.(71)
There was also a record company change then with Reprise from Capitol, previously.
ALL RECORD COMPANIES in 1971/72 onwards were on the hunt for a Quadraphonic LP SYSTEM as the purchasing public were asking for one. They had some Q4 and Q8'S out and the general public were asking/demanding LP'S in quad.
You notice the introduction of all quad lp formats came on board in 71 through 73. (In North America)

Anyway we know Desper did not "encode" more than "The Flame" in Dynaquad in 1970 !, at Brother Records.
But did someone else, in 71 or 72 ??
Why Analogue Productions did what they did with the SACD'S is a mystery, but what is indicated on those tape boxes ??
That needs to be answered.....so given all this mystery, I listed them---with the question mark.

A curiousity on the listing I figure.