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The original "Quadraphonic Quad - The Quadraphonia Quadrangle for Quad Heads" was started at the end of September, 1999 by Kenneth Newman and Tad Bartel on the Yahoo! message board system. There are many great posts there and a lot of good information. All members here should join there and at least look through the old threads. In September 2002, Yahoo! made significant changes to the way their message boards worked, inserting extra pages of ads within the message viewing, and slowing down the system making it less attractive to navigate and browse. This change fueled the implementation of the EZ Board forum.

The original Yahoo board still exists and includes a valuable and interesting photo database as well as a rich thread archive.
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In March 2002, "QuadraphonicQuad" (mark 2) was started on the EZBoard system. By creating a new forum at EZBoard, members has a new place that was ad free, and posts could be stored and accessed by category, instead of all being lumped together in a time sorted stack. This move proved to be very successful, with the site growing to over 440 members. However, the EZBoard system turned out to be very problematic, with periods of slowness that made reading and posting to the board almost impossible. Despite being upgraded to a faster server, the EZBoard performance began driving members away.
With the EZBoard gold status up for renewal, I decided to take the plunge and register the domain name, find a web host, and purchase the vBulliten software - the internet standard for discussion boards. Beginning in July of 2003, the third implementation of "QuadraphonicQuad" began on the internet.


Although the term "Quadraphonic" is dated in the true sense, I decided to keep the name as a tribute to Ken and Tad, who started with the original discussion group in 1999. A debt of gratitude goes out to these original pioneers, and to all members of the many incarnations of "QuadraphonicQuad" through the years.

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