Herb Alpert's label, A&M, holds the distinction of being one of the few major labels to release quadraphonic albums in all three of the major LP formats, Sansui's QS Matrix system, CBS's SQ matrix, and JVC's CD-4 discrete quadradisc format. By scanning their release list below, it can plainly be seen that after trying them all, they settled on CD-4 as their preferred medium. In the long run, they only released 17 quadraphonic LPs, with an additional 18 titles that were exclusively released on Quad 8 Track . A&M did not release any Quadraphonic Reels.
(Note that although A&M released product using all 3 LP formats, they did not release the same title in multiple formats, although there is an indication that they eventually planned to re-release some SQ titles in the CD-4 format.)

If you look through the many popular price guides available for record collectors, you will find many A&M quad LP titles listed that do not show up on the list below. For some reason, these titles which were released on Q8 cartridge only found their way into the Schwann catalogs that were put out in the '70s as LPs! That is why you might see Cat Stevens "Tea for the Tillerman" or the Carpenters "Close to You" listed as a quad LP, but these do not exist. At the bottom of this page is a list of the A&M titles that came out on Q8 only. This list is included to prevent confusion with information you may see in a price guide. These titles do not exist on quad LP!  There were two titles that were announced but not released in quad at all. They are listed in the LP chart, as they were slated to be CD-4 LPs.




1-A&M QS Release;   2-A&M "Blue Border" SQ;   3-A&M "Blue Border" CD-4;   4-A&M CD-4 w/Standard Jacket



A&M's first quad LP was Joan Baez's "Come in from the Shadows". This release was done with the Sansui QS system, and the LP was housed in a custom sleeve made of lined, sturdy paperboard and was graced by four of the A&M quad logos and a paragraph about quad. (That once used logo and QS blurb can be seen at the top of this page)  The label for this release is very strange looking, as it is a gold square in the middle of a black label. You can see the label below. The back of the album jacket has the above blurb about the Sansui QS system. One of A&M's subsidiary labels, Lou Adler's ODE records, had released Carole King's "Music" album in QS, and this probably influenced A&Ms decision on what format to use at first. This is the only release with this label and the Sansui system.

For some reason, after "Come From the Shadows", A&M changed from QS to SQ. This could have been a move by CBS to get their system onto more labels, but that is merely a guess. For their next series of Quad LPs, A&M changed their jacket design to one with a blue border surrounding the album cover graphic, proclaiming "Quadraphonic" on all four corners of the border. (See the middle two albums pictured above)  A companion label to this blue border was designed, and affixed to these albums. Interestingly enough, nowhere on the label or on the blue bordered graphics or album jacket was the type of quadraphonic encoding mentioned. These SQ albums were only identified by a small gold sticker affixed to the cover (See below). That was it. They were obviously keeping their options open! If in the future they decided to re-release these albums in CD-4, they would not have to print new labels or jackets!




SQ Sticker affixed to the Blue Bordered album jackets


After releasing 7 SQ albums, A&M again switched - this time to the JVC "Quadradisc". The CD-4 format offered true discrete performance far and above what any matrix system could provide at the time. Someone at A&M decided that in the future, they would stick with CD-4. For Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center of the Earth", the jacket and label were already set for production with the "Blue Border" look when it was decided to switch to CD-4, so a new blue "CD-4" sticker was attached to the front covers. For this first CD-4 release, a small CD-4 text blurb was prepared and actually printed on the blue box label, a first!
(See label below)

This sticker was affixed to the Rick Wakeman's "Blue Border" LP released, and subsequent releases in the CD-4 Format

The QS label (left), the "Blue Box" label (center), the CD-4 logo on the "normal" label (right)
NOTE: This blue border label is the only one with the CD-4 blurb at the top

The remaining A&M quad albums were all CD-4 with normal jackets (no blue borders) and standard
A&M labels (see above) but with the newer "Quad CD-4" logo printed on the covers and labels.
Their last released quad LP was Chuck Mangione's "Bellavia" in 1975.



QU-53041 Quincy Jones/You've Got it Bad Girl BLUE SQ
QU-53519 Carpenters/Now & Then BLUE SQ 1973 1979
QU-53601 Carpenters/The Singles BLUE SQ 1973 1979
QU-53617 Quincy Jones/Body Heat BLUE SQ 1973 1979
QU-53621 Rick Wakeman/Journey to the Center of the Earth BLUE CD-4 1974 1979
QU-53623 Cat Stevens/Buddha & the Chocolate Box BLUE SQ 1974 1979
QU-54339 Joan Baez/Come form the Shadows GOLD QS 1972 1979
QU-54361 Rick Wakeman/Six Lives of Henry the VIII BLUE SQ 1973 1979
QU-54391 Cat Stevens/Foreigner BLUE SQ 1973 1979
QU-54515 Rick Wakeman/Myths & Legends of King Arthur NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979
QU-54518 Chuck Mangione/Chase the Clouds Away NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979
QU-54519 Cat Stevens/Greatest Hits NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979
QU-54521 Herb Alpert/Coney Island ***   CD-4 ------ ------
QU-54526 Quincy Jones/Mellow Madness NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979
QU-54527 Joan Baez/Diamonds and Rust NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979
QU-54530 Carpenters/Horizon NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979
QU-54552 Captain & Tennile/Love Will Keep Us Together NORMAL CD-4 1974 1979
QU-54555 Cat Stevens/Numbers ***   CD-4 ------ ------
QU-54557 Chuck Mangione/Bellavia NORMAL CD-4 1975 1979

NOTES:    *** - LP Release Cancelled;    Label type "BLUE" indicates the blue label with the blue bordered album cover; "NORMAL" indicates a
standard A&M label and album jacket appearing with the "Quad CD-4" logo. "GOLD" is a one time only use on "Come From the Shadows"



(NOTE: All of the above LPs were also available on Q8 except 54557)

8Q-53502 The Carpenters The Carpenters
8Q-53511 The Carpenters A Song for You
8Q-53516 Billy Preston Music is My Life
8Q-53654 Ozark Mountain Daredevils It'll Shine When it Shines
8Q-53661 Burt Bacharach Greatest Hits
8Q-54110 Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream
8Q-54130 Burt Bacharach Reach Out
8Q-54182 Joe Cocker With a Little Help from My Friends
8Q-54188 Burt Bacharach Make it Easy on Yourself
8Q-54224 Joe Cocker Joe Cocker!
8Q-54245 Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Greatest Hits
8Q-54247 Wes Montgomery Greatest Hits
8Q-54252 Sergio Mendez Greatest Hits
8Q-54271 The Carpenters Close to You
8Q-54280 Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman
8Q-54313 Cat Stevens Teaser & the Firecat
8Q-54342 Humble Pie Smokin'
8Q-54365 Cat Stevens Catch Bull at Four


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