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Tomita SACD (and their quadraphonic sources)


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Mar 2, 2002
I'm going back to my old synth hero Tomita on the SACD format and, bugged by old memories of "the right sequencing", i cross-checked the quad and the sacd releases.
So far,
Clair de Lune, Ultimate edition: resequence the Snowflakes album and add some extra tracks; shuffling the sacd for the original cd4 sequence give
1 9 5 4 3 7 11 10 12 6
and 3 bonus tracks:
2 Whistle and Chime - The Art of Sound Creation
8 2éme Arebesque - Deux Arabesques
13 Nuages - Nocturnes

Pictures At An Exhibition, Ultimate edition: sequenced as it was, plus 2 bonus tracks
12 Scheherazade , Written-By – Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
13 The Sea Named "Solaris", Written-By – Johann Sebastian Bach, Tomita (originally from Kosmos)

The Planets, Ultimate edition:
i'm waiting the SACD to arrive, but from the time lenght it seems the same, just messed up with the track changes or names. Update will follow.

From here, things starts to be a real mess:

Firebird CD4 has the Side A totally missing in action, Side B is on the Space Fantasy 2SACD, disc 1, tracks 10 and 11

Kosmos CD4 (my favourite Tomita album) can be fully rebuilded from the Space Fantasy 2SACD, disc 1, tracks 1 3 2 4 7 8 9 plus the track 13 of Pictures quoted above

The Bermuda Triangle is nearly completely absent, the only two surviving tracks are in the Space Fantasy 2SACD, disc 1, tracks 5 and 6

Daphnis et Chloe has come thru halfway, we miss Daphnis Et Chloé, Suite No.2 and Boléro, and on the Okhotsk Fantasy SACD we get Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte and
Ma Mère L'Oye, Suite

So far, i know of 8 Tomita SACD,
Clair de Lune, Ultimate edition
Pictures At An Exhibition, Ultimate edition
The Planets, Ultimate edition
Space Fantasy (2 sacd)
Okhotsk Fantasy
Planet Zero
Symphony Ihatov
The Tale Of Genji (2 sacd)

The last two are new music, not original-quad related, Planet Zero seems a rework of The Planets with something new and some edits. The real surprise is the Space Fantasy 2 sacd, basicallly a full album
2-1 The Sorceror's Apprentice (Dukas)
2-2 The Nutcracker - Arabian Dance (Tchaikovsky)
2-3 The Nutcracker - Trepak (Tchaikovsky)
2-4 Pastoral Symphony No. 6 V. Allegretto (Beethoven)
2-5 The Nutcracker - Waltz Of The Flowers (Tchaikovsky)

Am i missing some Tomita SACD on my list? Can't believe they skipped the Bolero and the Firebird.


1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Aug 30, 2012
I think your list is ok, the only one I don't have of the surrounds is Tales Of Genji. I've never come across any other discs than the ones you list.