‘Please Mr Wilson Atmos me these three’

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Apr 11, 2010
In My Mind’s 👁
I only had one album in my list , not four ;). However it would seem unlikely (although not impossible) that the 1st four albums were mixed from 4 track masters . If that was the case , yeah I agree completely(y)
Well, I was making a point. I should have said the first 6 albums because 5 & 6 only have more going on (instrument wise) on a few songs. It’s only my opinion but those albums only need a two-channel mix, and with the slew of other artists out there, I wound rather see a band such as Led Zeppelin get the surround treatment. Or, even Sammy Hagar’s solo stuff including Van Hagar. Just don’t offer me Van Halen III with Gary Cher-One. :LOL: