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To celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, NativeDSD Music has a 10% Off Storewide Sale underway through Monday, November 27th at 23:00 CET.
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And since it's Thanksgiving today, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, for the ongoing interest and support!! And many thanks to all of our label partners who keep working closely together with us for every new DSD release to become available at NativeDSD. 2xhd Mastering, Ondine, Aliud Records, Anima Sound Productions, Artes Mirabiles, Audioguy - 오디오가이, Bona Nova, Buzz, Caro Mitis, Challenge Records International, Channel Classics Records, Cobra Records, Crier Records, Etcetera Records, Eudora Records, Fonè, FWRL Records, harmonia mundi international, High Definition Tape Transfers, LAWO Classics, Linn Records, London Symphony Orchestra Live, Magnetic Fidelity, Mariinsky, myrios classics, NAVIS Classics, Oberlin Music Label, OUR Recordings, Paraclete Recordings, PENTATONE, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Live, Reference Recordings, Saidera Records, SDM&LiveRec, Sketti Sandwich Productions, Sono Luminus, Sound Liaison, TRPTK, Turtle Records, VDM Records, Vivid Productions, Wave Kinetics Records, Wilson Audiophile Recordings, and last but not least, Yarlung Records, thank you all!