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1972 Navy Exchange Catalog Scans (Large Files!!)

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May 12, 2002
Panama City, Florida
I have a set of the JVC 4-channel headphones like those pictured above. I bought them off eBay, and the seller even had his original sales receipt in the box from the Base Exchange. They sound pretty good, but are very heavy and hence tiring to wear for long. Also, the 4-channel effect in the older headphones is only so-so, the drivers just seem to be to close together. I do have a set of modern gaming headphones, and my Creative Sound Blaster card in my computer does a really stunning job of doing surround sound. One of the demos it has is of a helicopter flying around your head, and it is very, very convincing. Also, when I'm gaming, you can definitely hear things from all around (like when someone shoots you from behind.) I'd say the modern headphones get the edge here.


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Sep 18, 2010
In 2009 when I moved to Chicago with no possessions I responded to an add from a lady who was giving away her husbands 'stereo'. I drove out to a naval area about an hour away and when I got there the guy said I couldn't have it because it wouldn't fit in my car. After his wife screamed at this old guy for a while right in front of me he agreed to let me have it all as long as I promised to take care of it. I still had no idea what the big deal was. He then tells me he was in the navy and purchased this equipment in burmuda and brougbtit back on his tour of duty. 'Why do I need four speakers?'
We loaded a pioneer qx949 and four kenwood kl 777ds into my volkswagon beetle. Then a kenwood turntable. I thanked them both still not knowing what quad was. He then gave me a cd-4 needle and a pat on the back.

The needle wasnbroken. And the decoders in these panasonics don't really work.

But then I found this forum.

I have since picked up a jvc 4dd5 and a lafayette sq-w. And have them all running through the tape loops of the pioneer. Plus I have 4 more speakers. Its loud.

All thanks to these catalogs and YOU!


Aug 3, 2009
Central Oklahoma
For me it was 1974-1975 at Kadena Okinawa. USAF propeller tech. Living in the big "H" 2 or 3 story dormitory. A sergeant E-4. Had both the NAVALEX and AFEES catalogs and yes the Navy was the better.
About everyone in the barracks had their own audio setup. I, at the time had a Pioneer CFT-900 or something like that. I know it had cal tones built into it. With sansui speakers.
Many had quadraphonic systems with CD-4 new turntables and we would sit in their rooms and try out different records. It was a blast of a time there.
I remember Dark Side of the Moon came out around then and during lunch we would laze around on the floors and listen to the new album before rushing back to work on the flight line.
Side note here. Got to do some island hopping for so called engine changes where they said a duck got injested into the intake on a 130. Iwakuni, and some other place that had a lot of green gem stones. Wheat it really was for the officer wives club that went on a buying spree and needed a couple of days to load up the C-130 with all kinds of goodies. I know, because I had to sit in the back for the ride home. But heck, that was the way of the times. I loved my commanders and they were good.