(1973) S R mag - Quad Recording of Classical Music


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May 28, 2011
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A very interesting issue. Includes information about the recording of "Heaven and Earth" on Ovation. Mention of JVC's ANRS (Dolby alternative), ANRS was used in the CD-4 system as well.


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Jun 10, 2016
I hope @MidiMagic will read J. Gordon Holt's article starting on page 24 and comment.

I very much like a paragraph towards the end of that article--especially in light of the fact that the Cunningham article that Kirk linked to describes a classical quad recording where the rear channels are used almost exclusively for hall ambience:
Things being as they are, so-called pop records always outsell recordings of classical music by a substantial margin. Until recently, though, the big U.S. record companies and the hi-fi industry in general have nurtured an image of concern with things cultural, touting the concert-hall realism of their latest recordings and reproducers, while knowing full well that most buyers had never been in a concert hall in their lives. Predictably, when 4-channel sound came along, it was hailed as another breakthrough in reproduced realism — a better way than ever of transporting the listener "right into the concert hall" by providing him, via the rear channels, with the ambience information that tells a concertgoer's ears that he's in a very large, enclosed space. The implied appeal was, as usual, to the classical listener who is traditionally somewhat conservative in his acceptance of new recording techniques. Only as an afterthought, it seemed, was 4-channel sound suggested as a means of creating new sonic experiences, such as that of being bathed in instrumental sounds coming from all directions.

Another article later in the issue by Harry Maynard, host of the fascinating "Men of Hi-Fi" program on WNYC, also discusses the ambient vs. surround debate in classical quad recording. He rightly predicted that it would be an evergreen issue.
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