2019+ Acura RDX: ELS 3D Studio 5.1 Surround Audio System

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Mar 2, 2002
No, and they probably never will, as it's a function of the car, not the ELS system. However, the time between tracks is very fast, but still noticeable.

What I will do is put multiple tracks into a single file when needed. It works fairly well as many albums that blend tracks into each other usually have moments of silence here and there.


Feb 12, 2018
So, time to swap the Passport Elite. I've been playing Tidal Hifi hi rez (24/96) stereo files via USB, sort of using the Android Auto interface but using my android phone's Tidal app. Since I got a 512GB flash chip in my phone, I find it more complete and better searching.

I've had Acuras since '87, we had a number of TLs, RDXs, TSXs and a TLX with ELS. I love the sound of ELS, even in stereo. It sounds really good. I used to take my recorded LPs at 24/96 and burn them into CDRs. They always played fantastic.

So, my questions are, with the current ELS in the MDX:

(1) How easy is it to use the default head end software to search through the stored music? Say I had an external 1TB drive with dual USB, one for power one for the audio nterface.
(2) Does the audio USB provide enough power to run an external hard drive?
(3) SDD?
(4) Can you have the smart phone and the external USB audio storage running at the same time?
(5) How good is the simulated surround sound from stereo sources?

We have to place the order for the replacement car very soon.
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