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Mar 1, 2002
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Thanks, sorted - but the mix is done, right? I for one hope things are going to look brighter when the new album is ready.
No I think it will be done at a later point if required. I have said elsewhere, I bumped into GS on the street just pre COVID and at that time they were wrapping up the live and hoping to get on to TUY, but I think the lockdowns etc. scuppered it


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Aug 2, 2008
New release coming from RPWL:
November 2020 was supposed to bring a large-scale, multi-week anniversary tour to mark the 20th year since the release of their debut album “God Has Failed,” but of course things turned out differently. So what do you do when you have a perfectly rehearsed band, but the opportunity to perform is pulled out from under your feet? Right, you film a live studio session of the entire album.

With “God Has Failed” you can bring RPWL into your living room, the production as always meets the highest audiophile and visual standards. The set-up of the band and the well thought-out camera movements create the feeling of being right in the middle of things, maybe even more than at a ‘classic’ live concert. While long-term fans can indulge in many memories like the band itself, the material still sounds so fresh that it could easily be a current RPWL release. So this 2021 release is both a full circle statement and a representation of the unbroken excellence of this band. All in PCM Stereo, Dolby Stereo und 5.1 Surround (Dolby, DTS).
Blu-ray pre-order: RPWL | GOD HAS FAILED - LIVE & PERSONAL | BR | Gentle Art of Music
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