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Great find.
Apple have the one track, so far.
Some time ago I've seen a live video from RPWL member Kalle Wallner with his Blind Ego Project where Sebastian Harnack from Sylvan Band plays bass. I think it's worth to buy if you like art rock and live concerts and I'll give it a try.
Is it summer yet? Here's new entries from the week #27:

Only one disc announced, however it's a Steven Wilson mix - Aeolus by Theo Travis, one hour long duduk meditation album.

Actually, there's one more, as you can join a mystery title guessing game via this thread - are we getting a "classic" Alice Cooper, Todd Rundgren or Ambrosia surround release before the year is over?

One new concert video for the R&B list - @M-K says this Sylvan Atmos blu-ray is worth investigating and it would be rude to disagree.

Downloads time: surroundmusic.one has 5.1 FLAC album Cloud Ornament by Robert Rich & Luca Formentini, IAA has added Mark Doyle's Incense and Peppermits, @BZ Lewis's third Atmos release Unobtanium, Rob Baird's Burning in the Stars and finally Stereo Mind Game by Daughter, release #8 in the Beggars Group series.
Did anybody notice this:

Live Blu-Ray with ATMOS, I assume mixed by Yogi Lang from RPWL but I don't know yet.
Release date: 2024-07-12
Available at jpc.de and justforkicks.de too. May be somewhere else.
Yogi Lang hereby confirmed:
Just got a message for the 50th Anniversary edition deluxe of Frank Zappa Apostrophe (*) from the Zappa store. Or UMG.

Pre-orders now for 5 CD/1 Bluray ....
includes : FZ 74 Quadraphonic version and Atmos.

To be shipped September 13th , 2024. Price$99.00 US

I'm actually surprised it's so early , as I thought maybe a November release ??🥳
Week #28 a.k.a. Everybody gear up for September

For a long time it looked like the only addition of the past week would be the DVD-Audio with double album droplets from QQ-member @Mr. Afternoon, but on Friday in close succession arrived Big Big Train (their 5th live blu-ray A Flare on the Lens), Frank Zappa (Apostrophe, his third album to receive a thorough multichannel treatment) and Tori Amos (Unrepentant Geraldines, #25 in the SDE Surround Series).

Only one title is available for immediate download this time, Atmos mix Every Somewhere by Luke Elliott.
The Look To Windward prog-rock release 'The Last Scattering Surface' is now available on CD/Blu-ray for purchase on Bandcamp.



It features the album on CD, a 12 page booklet with artwork and lyrics and on the Blu-ray; PCM stereo and DTS-HD 5.1 mixes, full length 'visual album', the 'When You Go Away' music video and DTS-HD 5.1 mix of the song 'In Fantasy'.

Note that the Blu-ray disc is BD-R. It's not feasible to have glass mastered Blu-ray's manufactured at small quantities and small budgets! It has been correctly authored as BDMV so should play on any player that recognizes BD-R.
Bandcamp link

The digital download of the 5.1 mix is also available for purchase on IAA.

I promise that's it for the promo of my album!
Week #29 started with @ForagingRhino revealing all the four titles of Quadio batch #5.

This was followed by the annoucement of two titles released previously with Steven Wilson's 5.1 mixes, but now adding Atmos mixes - Storm Corrosion and XTC - Skylarking.

And #26 in the unstoppable SDE Surround Series is Bronski Beat's The Age of Consent.

One more blu-ray title available now - Look To Windward, offered also as 5.1 FLAC download.

Some more downloads, this time Dolby Atmos: Birdsong At Morning - Annals of My Glass House (complete with intrumental versions, optionally) and ANOHNI and The Johnsons' My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross, another Beggars Group title.

Finally, both deluxe editions by Fish were moved back a week, and four Jethro Tull represses are coming in a month time, here available as a bundle via Burning Shed:

P.S.: Oh yes, and that mystery title that should arrive before Christmas is A Tab in the Ocean by Nektar!
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