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4K UHD Concerts (Satellite)

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Jun 13, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
Here in Aus we’ve just got a new 4K channel on Foxtel. It’s primarily aimed at live sports but they’re currently showing 4K concerts too.

Last night we watched The Rolling Stones Havana show which was a truely great performance. The band enjoyed every minute. A great concert that proves beyond doubt just how good they are. Mick was very active throughout. Definitely worth buying the BD release.

Video was awesome on my 75” Sony TV but audio was not as good as a Blu-ray, it was DD only although I used the DTS:NeuralX mode to upmix to 7.1. Not very immersive of Foxtel.

When I noticed this concert coming a while back I flicked through the guide and recorded upcoming concerts from quite a few artists (7 or 8 probably) but most failed to record due to daylight saving time change maybe. It looks like the STB didn’t adjust accordingly or Foxtel changed their program.

Is there other 4K services showing concerts around the planet?

Too bad there’s (almost) no 4K UHD concert BDs released. These would be amazing with lossless surround.