5.1 BD!! "Electric Lady Studios: A Jimi Hendrix Vision" 3CD/1BD box set (Experience Hendrix/Legacy) (3/25/2022)


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What year?

I'm surprised; by chance you will forward me a link? I'd be grateful. Thanks
I'm surprised; by chance you will forward me a link? I'd be grateful. Thanks
I couldn't find a link to give to you. All I know is that I received an email from amazon saying that my Hendrix box set I ordered years ago is on it's way in September. I know it is very frustrating. I'm just passing on what I have experienced.
Yes yes i do know some lucky ones had the chance to order those apparently few copies available! When you messaged me you made me hope for a restock. But please share your thoughts whenever you would receive it. It's in any case a phantom release -shall I call it like that?-
That's a good one, but, although Amazon doesn't include the year in such notices, it does say "Fri, Sep 13," which, out of several recent and upcoming years, occurs only in 2024. So I'm saying there's a chance . . .:);)
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But...Friday the 13th. That's a bad omen. lol
I guess only the ones who preordered and didnt cancel are getting this.....
Instant collectors item lol

Can I sell future shares in my speculative purchase?
I’d wager a link for the product will show up by early July.
I wonder what the price will be and I wonder if they will honor the price of the preorders from 3 years ago if the price is higher now.
Apparently, my order from bullmoose is still active. It was for the CD and BR set. They responded to my e-mail inquiry (and quickly, I might add) with the following:

We've heard back from our distributor for this title. There is still a release planned for this item in the near future. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a more accurate release date. We're happy to keep your order open, but if at any point you decide that you would prefer to cancel, we understand