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A Chorus Line on Multichannel SACD

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Mar 2, 2002
20 or so years ago, my wife took me kicking and screaming to Broadway to see my first play, and that play was "A Chorus Line". I thought I would hate it, but I actually enjoyed it! Since I knew the soundtrack was quad, I went and bagged it.

So, in the great quad tradition, I bought the new SACD to check out the surround track. Since I did a DTS conversion of the Q8, I had those wav files and that mix to compare with the new one.

This type of music does not appeal to everyone, but I find this to be a pleasant listen.

I can tell you that this is a TOTALLY different mix. It was remixed to give more of a "stage" effect as opposed to the "surround" effect. It comes off pretty well, although the orchestra seems to be "turned down" more. There are times when the Q8 has a full orchestral presence, where on the SACD tracks it is less prominent.

All of the vocals that were in the rears are now planted firmly in the center channel, which is VERY active. The surrounds are very subdued, with mostly a delay-type echo of the front channels.

All in all, it is clear and sounds nice. Like I said, less surround, more theater like. The ambience in the rears make for a full sound in a room, with less "surprises" popping up in the rears.

A nice job, but the old mix still stands on its own. Surround fans don't toss your '70s SQ LP or Q8.

I did not listen to the stereo track......this SACD will not play on CD players, so why bother?



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Mar 2, 2003
Redwood City, CA
Right. It is a new surround mix and very stage focused as you say.

The only exception is the "Finale" final track where the whole sound field is used.



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Jan 9, 2013
If the Q8 of A Chorus Line is anywhere near as discrete as the brilliantly discrete QUAD mix of Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music, bring it on in a new SACD transfer.

I did see the original production of A Chorus Line on the Great White Way and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT and cherish my Single Layer 5.1 SACD but if there's room for improvement, hopefully this long OOP SACD would greatly benefit from a new D~V QUAD SACD.

A bit of trivia: Robert LuPone who originated the role of ZACH, the director in A Chorus Line [and was nominated for a TONY] is the older brother of Stage legend Patti LuPone and also played the role of Dr. Bruce Cusamano, Tony Soprano's neighbor, in the Sopranos.

Their brother, Bill Lupone, was a fraternity brother of mine in college.

See the source image

Robert LuPone
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Mar 18, 2005
As I understand it, the initial CD release of the cast album used the quad mix. So if you've got a good decoder, might be good to pick up one of those (they're dirt cheap since the remastered version came out) and compare it to your Q8.