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Afrobeat Founder/Fela Kuti Drummer Tony Allen - R.I.P.

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Jun 10, 2016
Brian Eno called him "perhaps the greatest drummer who ever lived."

I've been trying to find something out of the dozens and dozens of albums he appeared on that might have had a surround release. No luck. (All those old Fela arrangements are so incredibly densely layered. I can't imagine the multis were ever kept, though.)

Whether you're a longtime admirer or never heard of him, you should check out the tracks in this feature:

P.S. for Talking Heads fans: In this piece in the Guardian, Angelique Kidjo says:
Remain in Light by Talking Heads was influenced by Fela’s album Afrodisiac, so when I covered it, the whole thing was about bringing rock’n’roll back to Africa. I wanted to pay tribute to the courage of Talking Heads by not copying Afrodisiac but understanding the trance induced by the drums from west Africa. So I said to Tony: “Let’s bring it back home.”​
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