Al Stewart - Time Passages (Alan Parsons 5.1 mix out in October!)


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I had similar issues with the Doobie Bros. Quadio set. I can’t even remember who I ordered from. But I received the original order out of the blue about a month after my replacement copy arrived. Pretty sure it was shipped USPS
Thanks GOS!

So I just bit the bullet and ordered one from Amazon UK. These things will disappear in a month or so, so thanks to ImportCD and the USPS, I decided to bite the bullet and order one at the higher price.

If the other one eventually shows, I'll just stash it away as in a year or so it will be worth more than what I paid for mine on
My two cents...I ordered both YOTC and Time Passages from Amazon UK, paid the extra six bucks for expedited shipping (they used DHL both times) and each arrived in MN within a week. That's close to $90 for each one, but well worth it to me. Nice box sets, excellent tracking, and if you happen to have a gift card or points on your credit card it may assuage the pain. It did in my case.
What??? It showed up??? Hell, maybe mine will too!! Then I'll have 2 copies, once my order from UK shows up.

It's a really nice set. I don't usually bother with much bonus material, but I found it intriguing in this package. The live set from the WKQK concert in 1978 is really well presented from the tracks that I sampled. And I don't find the need to do any serious EQ on the 5.1 like I had to do on YOTC.
The USPS sure moves in mysterious ways. Normally when I order from DD or ImportCD it goes from Louisville - Grand Prairie - Denver - Abq but this time the package got diverted to Spokane and the delivery went from Tuesday to next Saturday...that was yesterday's info....this morning it shows "out for delivery" here in Abq!
Yippee, it's all the way down to $69.84 plus whatever.
When will these SOB's stop ripping off the immersive music fans? :mad:
Amazon years ago used to compete price wise but not recently. I use Importcds as they are regularly $20 to $40 bucks cheaper for box sets than Amazon. Shipping is slower but usually around 5 days in my purchases. I won’t give Amazon that big a premium for free shipping (not really free shipping as you pay $99 for Amazon prime).
Interesting information:

I needed to add something to a Walmart order (No comments about whether to buy from Walwart, please.) to get free shipping. So I found SW's The Future Bites for $17.98 including free shipping because my order was above $35.

The description said that the Bluray was sold and shipped by Walmart. But when I got the shipping notice, it said that it was from Alliance Entertaiment in Shepherdsville KY. Alliance is ImportCDs and Deep Discount. The item is being shipped by FedEx instead of USPS and will be here Friday. That is less than a week from time of order...predicted...but let's see what actually happens.

I wonder if Alliance is moving to FedEx as a delivery alternative. :unsure:
Ever since that Tom Hanks movie, where he really pimped them!

I wonder if Alliance is moving to FedEx as a delivery alternative. :unsure:

FedEx delivered The Future Bites yesterday as promised. It was picked up from Alliance on Nov 16 and delivered to my doorstep on Nov 19. 😮 Walmart sells it for the same price as ImportCDs. So Walmart may be an alternative to buying directly from the Alliance companies Import CDs and Deep Discount to get faster shipping. That is, assuming this particular fast delivery was not a fluke.

However, the Let It Be box set was $16 higher on Walmart than ImportCDs the last time I looked. That is a substantial premium. Buyer beware.