SPOTLIGHT Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" (Remixed in 5.1 surround by Alan Parsons!!)

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Jan 6, 2016
"On the Border" is a track that got some airplay, and is very likable upon a few listens. You might find that you end up liking that track as well as others on the album. It's a very accessible album, especially if you like the title track.
Quite familiar with that track Jon, but I'm just saying that having a surround mix of "Year Of The Cat" is my only interest at this point. I think it would go great with various, spacey-sounding hits such as "Dream Weaver", "Wildfire", and a few others of that era as a hypothetical disc (great thread idea, IMHO). I'm too far at the late end of my life to become a completist, methinks.