Alan Parsons Project "Pyramid" super-deluxe box set (Atmos & 5.1 BluRay) Aug. 24, 2024


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I wonder if this is going to follow the formula of a huge bloated box followed by a standalone Blu-ray?
I'd assume so. But TOAFC wasn't so bloated due to the exclusion of vinyl - it just suffered from almost all the CD tracks already being released previously on the 2CD edition (and nobody having the idea of perhaps removing the bonus tracks from CD 1 and ordering them in a better way! There was ample space on the three CDs...). If Pyramid gets a set like that, I'll buy it - there hasn't been any reissue of that which superseded the old 2007 remaster and I'm always intrigued by extra tracks even if they're just work in progress versions (a few were already on the RSD LP, which served as a kind of teaser for this set), but not enough to buy a box set with vinyl.
I wonder if this is going to follow the formula of a huge bloated box followed by a standalone Blu-ray?
Regardless, that will be what I will be waiting for. Can't justify a bloated box for this one. If it were something like the recent Trower release, a non-bloated box that sells for about $50, that would be OK.
Hold up a sec.!

Pyramid was 1978, The Turn Of A Friendly Card was 1980, Eye in the Sky was 1982, and I Robot was 1977, so why are getting all these later albums before we get I Robot? Are they going backwards in time? 🧐
It's almost like Parsons has disowned "I Robot" and treats it like a bastard child.
I bought the 2008(?) remastered CD. I don't believe I've listened to it in years now. An Atmos release would be cool. Big box set not so much.

Starting to believe there will be no Atmos mixes forthcoming.

Pyramid Super Deluxe Box Set
Inc 12” x 12” artprint of the Pyramid front cover signed by Alan Parsons, Ltd to the first 500 copies of the box set pre-ordered.

- The 4CDs contain a stereo CD remaster of the original album by Miles Showell plus 67 bonus tracks (54 of them previously unreleased) taken from studio session out-takes and Eric Woolfson Songwriting Diaries.
- The blu-ray disc (ABC Region Free) features a breathtaking first ever Dolby Atmos mix of an Alan Parsons Project album along with a striking 5.1 Surround Sound mix from the original multi-track master tapes by Alan Parsons plus a new stereo HD remaster of the original album by Miles Showell
- The 45rpm 180gm heavyweight vinyl 2LP in a gatefold sleeve contains a half speed remaster by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.
- A beautifully and fully illustrated 12” x 12” hardback casebound book featuring interviews with Alan Parsons, the Woolfson family and the musicians/lead vocalists as well as full lyrics and commentary on the bonus tracks.
- Replica original press folder containing an A1 sized poster and postcard of the album artwork plus a reproduction of the original biography, press photo and a hand typed ‘Prologue’ and ‘Preamble’ about the Pyramid album by Eric Woolfson.​