Alan Parsons Project "Pyramid" super-deluxe box set (Atmos & 5.1 BluRay) Aug. 24, 2024


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You know better than anyone, we are definitely in the Wild West now when it comes to mixing Atmos, many mixers just learning.
Yeah, I've kind of felt like a lot of these recent Atmos mixes (as well as 5.1) have been phoned in. I hope they are trying to learn but there is also the chance that they are just rushing product out to make as much as they can while the Atmos fad is hot. If they are truly learning then at least we can look forward to the future. For some reason, I don't think a lot of them really know what people like us want in a surround mix.
In less than a year, retirement. My wife is already getting on my case.
I better find a way. Maybe bet Rickie for a boat load of money NFC Superbowl Lions or Niners.
I guess she doesn't know about the AUDIOPHILE BARN CAVE you're going to build on property you procured in Northern Cali ...... 🛖
Lately, it seems that the pre-orders at importcds are around 22% off of MSRP. So, the pyramid box set might come in around $137.26. 🤔
I have not had very good luck receiving undamaged items from yo USA recently. Additionally, getting a refund is not very quick for the damaged items.
Interesting. I've placed about a dozen orders with them over the last 2 years and have yet to have any damaged items. Of course, none of the items were large or heavy as this boxed set presumably is, and in my experience the larger or heavier the item, the greater the chance of damage in transit.

I will say that their "gift packaging", at 2,50 euros per shipment, is top notch, at least for smaller items. I've ordered some 3D and 4K steelbooks (very easily dinged/scuffed/dented) and the packaging was well worthwhile. Unlike Amazon's or FNAC's gift packaging, which is just a paper bag (helps prevent scuffs and scrapes but not dents/dings), the JPC gift packaging is a corrugated cardboard wrap enclosure for each item, at least it was for the steelbooks; I have no idea what they would use for a box set of this size.
Hold up a sec.!

Pyramid was 1978, The Turn Of A Friendly Card was 1980, Eye in the Sky was 1982, and I Robot was 1977, so why are getting all these later albums before we get I Robot? Are they going backwards in time? 🧐
There hasn’t been any rhyme or reason to the order of release. Maybe it’s an issue with original tapes? Maybe just AP’s preference of how he wants to deal with things? Maybe he’s saving the best for last in his mind? Or the worst? No clue.

Yes. TOAFC was very bright. Hope that was just an anomaly and not the result of Alan’s aging ears.
There are pyramids in my head, there's one underneath my bed...
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Yeah, once I retired I definitely had to start thinking about throwing money away on stuff that I probably really don't need.
that retirement thing is on the near soon horizon for me. what has been free wheelin spending on physical media for years will now become strategic spending on physical media. and 150 plus dollar boxsets may not be purchased by me ( unless its a desert island / gotta have boxer )

and I seem to be spending a fair amount of dough on a barn ;)
What about 1985's Stereotomy? If that gets the box set treatment, will he call it Atmosotomy?
That's an interesting one. It's quite widely disliked, so it probably won't be a priority. But I know Alan rates it highly (as do I). And it's the one album that already exists in a form of surround sound, as all but one track were mixed with Ambisonics encoding, which I think is a kind of predecessor to 360° sound.
My favorite APP album along with EVE.

Now I need to figure out if I need one of the boxsets for those prices. To me, this has got to be the worst APP release thus far. Too many choices and too much repetitive vinyl. I’d be happy with a BD + the four CD’s boxset even though I may listen to all those extra demo tracks once, but that’s not offered here. My choice would be a BD + single CD or BD + double 45rpm vinyl. Oh, well!
Not sure what's repetitive about the vinyl, it's just the double 45rpm vinyl in the box - the other variants are just available bundled with the box set.
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