Music DVD Poll Alice In Chains - MTV UNplugged (Dolby Digital 5.1)

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QQ Lifetime Supporter
QQ Lifetime Supporter
Jul 9, 2015
San Mateo CA
I voted 10. I absolutely loved this DVD video MTV Unplugged concert.
I saw this poll pop up and I decided to purchase.
I watched and listened and I felt so relaxed and comfortable as the band was as tight as could be. They even had one song where a little into it they stopped, because of there screwup, but they left that in and I thought that was cool.
The songs all the Alice In Chains hits and according to them this was there first time/recording together in 3 years, another wow.
I felt the 5.1 surround was really good, really helped my listening experience. I loved the tone of all the instuments in there acoustic enviroment, the acoustic bass, drums and two guitars where stunning.
Layne Staley lead vocals seemed not energetic, but vocals where superb, alternating vocals with Jerry Cantrell.
Thanks Bob for posting this poll, highly enjoyable MTV Unplugged.