Alphaville "Forever Young" BD-A w/ Atmos (Warner) 7/5/2024


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Aug 2, 2008
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Alphaville's genre-defining and groundbreaking album "Forever Young", this first-ever Blu Ray audio release in 2024 will be accompanied by numerous activities in honor of this 1984 synch-pop classic.

A Dolby Atmos mix from 2021 guarantees the best possible sound quality for this milestone, which includes hits such as "Forever Young", "Big in Japan" and "Sounds Like a Melody", to name but a few.
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nice price...
who mixed this one?
Couldn't find any mention so far... Re-listening to the mix right now, it sounds pretty lazy, almost like an upmix... and this excerpt off the promo doesn't really help:
"The production of the 'Forever Young' album was a great adventure at the time, and the result was almost perfect for us. Our focus was on the vinyl album, because in 1984 CD mastering was still in its infancy. Fortunately, I was still able to find all the original analog master tapes, which were actually only recorded as safety back then. Thanks to the new mastering, the album now sounds much warmer, rounder and more transparent - exactly how we imagined it back then," says Bernhard Lloyd.
Largely only know the song Forever Young for its inclusion in Napoleon Dynamite but haven’t heard the full album. That being said, this comes out a day before my birthday so… maybe happy birthday to me?
Forever Young and Big In Japan are pretty well known synth pop "hits" from the 80's although they didn't light up the Billboard charts. This is a quality album and I ordered it immediately.
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