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An early Sony print advertisement for SACD

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Jul 27, 2012
Toulouse, France
Out of these I only have (had at some point) Time Out (surround), Thriller, Headhunters (surround), Toto IV (surround).... Kind Of Blue and Tubular Bells.
Some of them I feel were bested by later releases.


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Mar 19, 2011
I remember seeing that ad (all English) I think in the US Stereo Review. I remember thinking at the time what a mess they made of the launch and that it wouldn't be successful. 1. the format war with DVD-Audio was a non-starter for not just the average consumer but even enthusiasts. Better to wait on the sidelines and see who wins. 2. All titles should have been hybrid and multichannel and the same price a standard CD. They didn't know it at the time but they were competing with illegal downloads and needed to provide a consistent and compelling value add. Oh well, I enjoy the ones I have and those I still pick up, but am sad for what could have been.