Atmos review by a non-surround Beatles audiophile


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Dec 23, 2010
This YT channel is about collecting The Beatles on vinyl. He compares different pressings/ masterings/ remixes in minute detail from a collector's and audiophile viewpoint. But for this video he discusses The Beatles 1 in Atmos, and listens via earphones from his phone. Though he likes a few of the remixes, I think he mainly thinks they are not as good as the stereo (or sometimes the mono). He makes it clear that he'd love to hear on a proper Atmos setup, but does not like the immersive sound that it gives on stereo earphones - mainly because it blurs the sounds together and increases the reverb. I've not heard either version, but I thought it was interesting to see what a 'non-surroundphile' would make of Atmos, and his findings seem reasonable to me. Understandably they are trying to make Atmos backwards compatible, or just compatible for those who listen on earphones, but it does seem like it's not been successful in this case. This video is only about 15 mins long, and you can start watching at about 5.45 for the main review (the intro is just explaining Atmos).