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Auro-3D presents new Porsche models fitted with Immersive Surround Sound

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Mar 2, 2003
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Galaxy Studios, the cradle of Auro Technologies’ revered Auro-3D technology, hosted the world’s first automotive immersive sound installation in Belgium in association with Porsche.

“After a first Auro-3D introduction in the Porsche Panamera, we are consolidating our commitment towards the automotive market with the new Porsche Cayenne,” explained Galaxy Studios founder Wilfried Van Baelen in his welcome speech before the international press gathered in Mol, Belgium. “With the high-end Burmester Audio system, the immersive sound experience is now offering a new driving experience.”

The audio configuration for the two Porsche models consists of 21 (seven tweeters, seven mid-range and two broadband speakers, four 120W woofers and one 400W subwoofer) loudspeakers, piping the music into the cabin. All of the speaker enclosures were tailor made to fit the interior and meet the dimension and weight restrictions of the car designer.