(Avant-Garde Jazz) Remix Opportunity

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Jun 10, 2016
I'm not sure I've got the right forum for this, since it concerns an unwittingly aspiring surround artist. (And an opportunity for aspiring amateur surround mixers.) But the avant-garde jazz group Tropos, young devotees of Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, and Albert Ayler, are having a remix contest. Enter their contest and they'll send you stems for a track from their forthcoming album Axioms//75ab. (Warning: it's really "out"!)

It's a pretty spare track, and I'm sure they're looking for "DJ" type remixes. But there's nothing preventing you from doing something in quad or 5.1.

Here are the details:

Hello everyone! Our debut album, "Axioms // 75ab" comes out real soon, May 15th to be exact. This project is a celebration of Anthony Braxton's music (and his 75th birthday!) for which we recorded a handful of Braxton compositions along with our own original music. The first track of the album is Raef Sengupta's “Fronk” and we are wondering what it would sound like if YOU did a remix so we're having a contest! The winner takes home $100 USD and will be announced live on the Biophilia Records Fest (May 15th at 6:15 PM NYC time). We just want it to sound crazy and cool! Go for it!

• You will receive a link to the "Fronk" stems folder containing voice, alto saxophone, piano, bass and drums stems via email shortly after submitting this application. [The link below takes you a "Google Forms" application.]

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