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Nov 25, 2020
Hi All, This is my first post in this forum as I am new to the world of quadraphonic sound, so please be patient with me. One of my hobbies is collecting records and I have recently acquired a very clean Sony SQD-2010 decoder. I plan to attach this to my living room hifi set up. This consists of a Technics SL-M3 with a p-mount shibata stylus on a linear arm. This then feeds a vintage Pioneer SX1250 receiver attached to a pair of Kef Q55.2 speakers. I will most probably get a set of bookshelf Kef Q speakers for the back speakers. I will attach the Sony decoder to the Pioneer and then I understand I will require another amplifier to drive the back speakers. So my question is about the back amplifier. Is it important to closely match the power and characteristics of the front amplification? What would you recommend?


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Sep 5, 2018
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Another SX-1250!! just kidding, I would find a Pioneer integrated amp of similar aesthetic just to try and match the receiver. I got a Sony TA-1130 amp with the intention of being a rear channel amp for my STR-7065 as a backup quad system and getting SQD-2010/20, the knobs don't exactly match but the sound is close enough for me, what I don't like is having repeated controls.


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Apr 9, 2002
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I think you should take into account where you will be going after quad. Next step would be 5.1 mixes.

I would suggest a multichannel (5 or 7 channels) amplifier with accessible level controls.

Used Sherbourns are plentiful in ebay-USA, probably less so in Scotland.

Oh, and welcome!

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Apr 3, 2010
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For pure quad, it would be helpful to have all four speakers the same and driven by equal size amplifiers. Some quad recordings put bass guitar in the rear speakers for reasons that puzzle me.

Now, I know that it’s often difficult to have the rear speakers exactly the same as the fronts due to space / decor / cost considerations. (Even my giant 42” high floor standing rear speakers are smaller than the fronts). But it pays to at least get rear speakers with the same sonic characteristics of the fronts.

My experience has been that bigger amplifiers are always better, so I would recommend using the same size and brand amps as those driving the front speakers.