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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this new 2023 reissue of the classic Barclay James Harvest album "Once Again".
The album has been fully remixed by our wonderful friend @Stephen W Tayler in stereo and 5.1 surround.
The Blu-ray Disc also includes the original 1970s Quadraphonic mix as well.

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I voted 8.
Listened to the hard disc Blu Ray via my Panasonic DP-UB9000.
Volume was moderate.
2022 5.1 Remix:
Great mix, very engaging, solid surround field. Chose the DTS-HD MSTR.
1973 Quadrophonic Mix: Not nearly as good as the 5.1. If using the same speaker levels as the 5.1, they take either channel level boost, or move your chair forward. This can be hit and miss between certain songs.
Sonic clarity: No issues, sounds great.
Content: Laid back, orchestral, good morning music, or if your a proggy, I guess anytime.
Liner Notes: Very good reading, helped me to get to know the 4 member band better. John Lennon's blond Epiphone was used in the
song Track 4. Galadriel.
Page 21 shows a poster with artwork from San Francisco poster artist Rick Griffin.
Some things I forgot to add. Hard disc says 2022 mix, liner notes say 2023 mix. Page 27 talks about Quadrophonic "the music industry hoped would become a high-end choice for hi-fi buffs". This made me think, maybe all along surround sound was never made for everyone, always intended as a niche market. But clearly Apple and Tidal are trying hard to take it beyond a niche market these days.
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https://immersiveaudioalbum.com/barclay-james-harvest-once-again-4-0-5-1-surround-sound/Going with an "8" as well. The two surround mixes are about as different as it gets, but I wouldn't say one is a clear improvement over the other. The new 5.1 mix is subtler and probably more cohesive-sounding overall, whereas the quad mix carries over all the hard pans from the original stereo (some of this probably had to do with SQ compatibility as well) and seems less 'crispy' in the higher frequencies.

As mentioned in the pre-release thread, I'm pleasantly surprised that the discrete quad is a new remaster (or flat transfer?) rather than a retread of the 2011 'manipulated to 5.1' version. It's worth upgrading from the old CD/DVD set for that reason alone.
1. I've only given it a couple of spins but the fidelity of the new 5.1 is great.

2. There appears to be lots of reverb in the new 5.1.

3. I prefer a "dry" sound (not really a fan of vague terms such as "dry" and "warm", but I'm guessing most of you will know what I mean. "Not reverb-y" - how's that?) and a discreet mix so it's awesome to have the quad mix finally. There's a phantom centre added so no need for any Audacity surgery after extracting FLACs from the MKV.

4. The 2 extra 5.1 tracks are goodies. I dig Too Much On Your Plate.

5. Between the old 5.1 on the previous DVD release, and quad/new 5.1 on this new BD, it's a good range of choices to have - pretty much something for everyone between the 2 releases of this album. So, it's worth picking up this new BD release I says.

6. I haven't voted yet but will if I remember after a few more listens.
I first heard this album when the previous 2011 release (5.1 manipulated quad?) came out. I played it only a couple of times, which for my old ears / brain usually means I wouldn't remember much of the content years later. Surprisingly, when I played this new version, everything sounded familiar and really enjoyable.

Tayler's new mix is much more cohesive throughout than the previous 5.1 / Quad as Jonathan noted above. The old mix isn't bad, but very inconsistent. Vocal presentation is much better with this new mix.

The bonus track White Sails goes really well with the changing graphics on the Bluray, but the track gets a bit long in the tooth.

I would probably have rated this a strong 8 had it been the first surround sound release of this album. But I usually take into account how a reissue compares to "what came before," so I'll give it a solid 9.