Batch #2 of Rhino Atmos Blu-Rays coming August 2024!


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Amen to Firesign Theater in surround...who has those quad masters. Gotta wonder though is there an audience for them today.
Sony has the Firesign quads. When I asked Phil Proctor about whether Bozos or Everything You Know is Wrong is best heard in stereo or quad, he affirmed the quads are the way to go. He added that Phil Austin spent weeks getting the quad mixes just right. The Q8s of Bozos are ridiculously expensive.
Or available on the inner sleeve of the Warner LPs. :)

Let’s not forget that Rhino was also the king of singles compilation sets like “Have A Nice Day”, “Didn’t It Blow Your Mind” and “Just Can’t Get Enough”. Love to see sets like those in Atmos!
I have all those "Have A Nice Day" disks. We play indoor pickleball ball every week and those attending look forward to hearing these. Even the 20 year olds.
If - like the first batch - they're all well-known legacy acts and already available to stream, that doesn't exactly leave a ton of options. But I'll play:

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing or Brothers In Arms (if the latter, they could also throw in Chuck Ainlay's 5.1 mix)
Tom Petty - Wildflowers or Mojo (again for the latter, there's also an OOP 5.1 mix sitting around)
Carly Simon - No Secrets (could also include the 5.1 and/or quad mixes)
Fleetwood Mac - S/T, Tusk, or Mirage (Atmos & 5.1 available for all three - but it seems unlikely they'd immediately follow Rumours with one of these?)

Of course I'll keep hoping for the Steven Wilson mixes of Chic and The Grateful Dead :)
Would love Mac's TUSK and Tango In The Night, physical BD.
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Any chance of physical BD coming out in the future ?
Steven Wilson said last year that physical blu rays are planned for his mixes.

Via this page:
My Dolby Atmos remix of the Grateful Dead’s classic 1970 album American Beauty is now available on streaming services. This is the first release of remixed material from a broader project, also planned to include physical editions, taking in a lot of the Dead’s core catalogue.
I have all those "Have A Nice Day" disks. We play indoor pickleball ball every week and those attending look forward to hearing these. Even the 20 year olds.
I have all of all three series'. Plus the smaller 5-disc "Living In Oblivion" set. Great sets filled with a lot of great (and not so great) memories, but fun to hear again.

Almost makes you wonder how Rhino managed to license all those tracks, but I guess it was largely for the same reason we wanted to buy them: pressing CDs was pretty much printing money in those days, but even then if you owned the rights to a one-hit-wonder, it was hard to get too many people to spend $10-15 to buy the entire 20 year old album just for that one song. While it might be fun to hear something like "Daisy A Day" on one of those compilations, how many people would lay out money just for THAT track?

But it seems there are a lot of Atmos mixes of single tracks streaming. Maybe a couple of songs by an artist but it doesn't seem they have any interest in remixing the entire album. Would be cool if Rhino could get the rights to some of those and release them on compilation discs.
I have questions as to whether the Tango In The Night Atmos online is even real. It’s certainly not very good.
went through the whole Atmos mix some months ago.
the 4 main singles (Big Love, Seven Wonders, Everywhere, and Little Lies) are proper Atmos remixes while the other tracks are definitely faked from the stereo masters