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BBC HJ Matrix - 4 tapes found

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Aug 5, 2009
In the interest of continuity it may be good to get OD to respond on the SSGG. (although Richard may have also removed himself from there previously;-)) I will PM him with the options. For those who do not know of the SSGG: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en_US&fromgroups#!forum/surroundsound - we have complimented this forum for some years but did and do talk naughty; such as copying; Lol:)) but we do share quite a lot of members//friends etc.


Aug 12, 2006

As a companion to my BBC Radio Show Index originally posted In June, I have just posted a similar index focusing on the mid-'70's BBC quad radio broadcasts done in Matrix H and HJ formats. I have also posted significant updates to my other previous radio show indices from that date.

From some of the feedback I received from my first postings, I got directed to some forum threads and learned more of the nature and extent of these unique broadcasts. From this I initiated some research and received helpful input from others that encouraged me to create and just now post a specific index of these broadcasts.

As with my previous indices, I again honestly state that these are 'rough' versions that I plan to reformat later, though that effort could take me some time. So it may be worth checking back on it in a number of months, to view the improvements.

Should you be interested to check out this new addition, please follow the initial link at: http://www.eclipse67.com/bbchr.htm

If you follow the links in this main page, it will take you to the new index at www.eclipse67.com/bbch.htm, as well as the multi-page sections that are devoted to the King Biscuit Flower Hour and the BBC Transcription Services & BBC Rock Hour programs. These include the cumulative indices for these shows as well. As stated, these are intended to be 'works in process' and are not assumed to be completely accurate or totally comprehensive. There are acknowledged holes in them and my hope is that I will receive clarifying input from viewers, so that I can update and refine these pages over time.

Therefore, I would sincerely appreciate feedback on specific content, clarity of the format, and with any general comments regarding this effort.

Feel free to share this link with any others whom you feel would be interested.

I hope that you find these new pages enjoyable and informative.



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Mar 28, 2018
Birmingham UK
Hi, new member here, I found this page after searching for Tim Souster's piece "Arboreal Antecedents" - I have a medium quality cassette of it which I managed to track down a few years ago, but would I be right in thinking that there is a good quality copy available somewhere? I first heard it on Radio 3 back in the 1970's, and it influenced me to start making my own compositions. I would love to get hold of a good quality copy!
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