Beatles "Let It Be" (5.1 surround & Dolby Atmos mixes out in October!)

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Aug 18, 2019
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Thanks for sharing:

Going back to my previous answer, every song is different. So for instance you know, with Sgt. Pepper – actually, I’m redoing the Atmos of Pepper at the moment – but with that, because it’s psychedelic you can probably have use more space and have certain sounds at the back and all that sort of stuff. :LB:SG

You said you are redoing the Sgt. Pepper Atmos Mix. Why are you doing that? It never got a commercial release at the time, at least not on the physical box set, but…
…Yeah, well, it came out on Apple iTunes. And the way we did that, because it was really early doors for Dolby Atmos, we mixed it in a large room, which then had to be shrunk down. If that makes sense. So it doesn’t quite sound how I want to sound so I’m just redoing it. So we are giving it a theatrical mix… and it should [also] be for near-field mix [a near-field mix is when you take a theatrical Dolby Atmos mix and make it work for a home entertainment setting].

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Mar 14, 2021
I will breathlessly await the UHD4K version rather than 'surrender to the MOUSE!'🐀
How long are you willing to wait for it to be announced?
I am fine with waiting as well if there is some date to look forward to in the future. I'm not sure I can wait indefinitely. I'm still waiting for Netflix to release some physical version of "Motley Crue: The Dirt".
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Jul 13, 2002
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You're lucky 😂, for my £104.05 dispatched but they'll deliver on Wednesday 😖
I had a slightly surreal conversation with someone from Amazon UK earlier this week about a pre-order for the Fast and Furious 9 Blu-ray which was released last Monday in the UK but showing a delivery date of next Saturday in my account. When I checked on Monday to see if the item was in stock it was there but still no delivery to me before Saturday. What was weird was that if I placed a new order on Monday it would have been delivered on Tuesday. When I raised this with Amazon the only explanation that they could come up with was that my Saturday delivery was coming from a different depot. In the end I cancelled my original order and placed a new one on Tuesday and it was delivered on Wednesday.

With Amazon UK it seems that pre-orders don't get much priority - gone are the days of receiving the item on the day of release.

My Let It Be set is due for delivery next Tuesday but as I'm covered by Amazon's pre-order price guarantee I can't see me going through this routine just to pay a bit more and get it earlier. Who knows with Amazon these days, it could turn up anytime between tomorrow and Tuesday which makes making plans to be in to receive it a bit last minute at best.

All this is part of Amazon's Prime service. :(


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May 2, 2005
Shipping is nuts these days:
Amazon US indicates that my copy was dispatched to UPS yesterday from their facility that is 47 miles away from me in Braselton, GA.

UPS received it at their Braselton branch and expediently dispatched it up to their Louisville, KY facility.

So the package was 47 miles away and now is 368 miles away. I wonder why we are having logistics problems in the US 🧐