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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this new 2021 reissue of the classic Beatles album "Let It Be".
The album has been newly remixed in stereo, 5.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos by Giles Martin & Sam Okell for the album's 50th anniversary, and it is available in a 6-disc CD/Blu-Ray deluxe edition.
The Dolby Atmos mix is also available to stream on all Dolby Atmos streaming providers.

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Feb 15, 2015
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Best Beatles Surround mix I've heard.

Sam Okell, and Giles Martin do not disappoint with this mix. And that includes all the songs .
Nice pristine sounding mix in 5.1 (5.0 in my case)

Giving this a TEN .

I just hope LET IT BE is not a double entendre , as I would love this surround series to continue ....
with none other than Magical Mystery Tour .



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May 18, 2020
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When I think of The Beatles, I am constantly amazed at the volume of material. 6 albums in 3 years a total of 12 LP in 7 yrs. Other than Yellow Submarine, there weren't any filler tracks. There are so many Rock bands that I love/enjoy/revere but you already know who my favorite is.

I love the Sgt Pepper's, White Album & Abbey Road sets with bonus tracks. I wasn't too excited about Let it Be next since it was never high on my list of LPs. Then it arrived yesterday and I just loved the new mix and all the amazing bonus material. The book is very cool and I love the design so you can have color or B&W photos of the band on the cover.

The only negative thing is that Disney decided to put the Let it Be Peter Jackson Documentary on Disney+ in 3 parts instead of on the big screen in theaters. I am sure that decision made all the Cinemas "very" happy!?! It would be worth paying for IMAX just to see the clarity and hear the wall of sound. There isn't any video footage on the 5CD/Blu-ray set so at least Disney could have included a voucher to get a discount on the film when it is released.

This set is a must have! So clean, so much cool chatter and great studio improv. One of my favorites is hearing the other three listening when Ringo says, "Have you heard the Octopus song yet?", and then plays some on piano.

PS: There is an interview with Giles Martin on SuperDeluxeEdition.com and he doesn't think there will be any more re-mixes for earlier LPs unless they specifically tell him to do it since the stereo mixes are so good.


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My first impression is as I thought that the Spectorized embellished tracks would work best with a surround mix. Most of the other tracks give you the perspective of being in the room with a few being more immersive than others. I'm disappointed in that they didn't include more content like the Glynn Johns mix & the EP tracks on the bluray especially the remixed singles. Listened to the Sessions disc and there was a few interesting versions on there but I normally don't have much use for these things. I haven't heard the Rehearsals & Jams disc but hope they are more interesting. I had reservations about purchasing this one because it was never one of my favorites and I was only interested in the surround mix and didn't feel it had as much bang for the buck as some of the Lennon sets which were less expensive and gave more content. Maybe the Atmos Spectorized tracks and a few others will become part of my go to surround favorites but overall this doesn't come close to the Abbey Road experience.
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Jan 2, 2016
Highly recommended. The new mix, particularly the stuff in ATMOS, delivers in a big way the original intent of the band.

This new mix provides a “ you are there” experience as they played and recorded these songs in theApple Studio or on the roof. the sound of Lennon’s Casino through a Fender Twin sounds exactly like it does live in a room. I know because I have one of each. Same with Harrison’s Tele.

Drums and bass have the same experience. Giles and Sam, using today’s technologies are able to let us hear the sound of Ringos new Ludwig drums, and Paul’s bass through a Bassman amp, as if you were there with them. The kick drum and bass have their own sonic spaces, but you can hear just how tight Starr and McCartney played together. Paul has always been recognized as a great musician, but this mix lets one hear definitively just how incredible Starr was as well.

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Jan 19, 2021
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I love the box set - but I was surprised by running the GLYN JOHNS mix through SPECWEB (which is usually okay at best] , and found the results more discrete - often John and Paul in separate speakers, and overall more enjoyable. This was also confirmed by two BEATLE fans who came over later to compare the DOLBY ATMOS and my 5.1 GLYN JOHNS a mix.


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Dec 12, 2018
5.1 mix: 10
Box set: 8

Love the 5.1 mix for:

* the muscular bass and drums, especially in the rock songs I Me Mine, Dig A Pont, I've Got A Feeling, One After 909 and Get Back

* the acoustic guitars that are so detailed and upfront in Two of Us

* the song Let It Be is worth the price of admission alone; that instrumental break transports you into a cathedral; ranks up there with Within You Without You, Because and Happiness Is A Warm Gun in 5.1 Beatle mixes

* Ringo's snare and hi-hat are prominent that I've never noticed before on this album

* discrete all around, every track; vocals crisp in the center

* de-Spectorized to a palatable level, particularly The Long and Winding Road where you hear more of the band, thank God

* was originally disappointed by Across The Universe, but after increasing that volume of the rears manually, I realized that Giles made the right call in containing Spector's orchestra; the wah wah is more prevalent, which is a plus

The box set is a fine package. Lots of detail about each song in the sturdy hardcover book. Enjoy the clear, simple presentation. Like the sessions disc, but felt the "EP" disc was BS--they could have included these four tracks on the stereo LP or Blu-ray disc. They could have gathered another CD of sessions instead, given the many hours of sessions available.

Also, why isn't Don't Let Me Down in 5.1??

Overall, love this set.


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Jun 30, 2014
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I have no idea what Martin is talking about here. The question was about the pre-four track albums, i.e. Please Please Me and With The Beatles. But he starts talking about Taxman And Revolver And Rubber Soul...:unsure:

Yes, some of the original twin tracks are gone. So making surround mixes for those 2 albums (PPM and WTB) requires technology which is arguably not there yet (definitely not, IMO).

But thankfully - in a stroke of genius by EMI - I believe they kept virtually all of the 4 track pre-bounce stems from I Want To Hold Your Hand onward - which obviously includes Taxman, Revolver, Rubber Soul, etc.

Now whether they can make good surround mixes for the pre-Pepper four track albums from those stems is a different question.

Edit: I re-read the question and now I understand why he talks about Taxman, etc. But my point remains about the stems all being available.

Just because the stems are available doesn't mean there is much he can do with them, which was his point. If many tracks are like "Taxman" with guitar bass and drums all on one track, they might as well be twin-track recordings as far as being able to mix them in surround goes. I don't blame him for wanting to wait for better technology for taking apart such tracks to exist.

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Mar 14, 2021
Definite 10 for me, no matter how you want to define what makes something a 10.
Seems like Giles has finally gotten comfortable with surround mixes. For the most part the mix is aggressive and well done but not overdone. I feel it has made the album better than it has ever been.
As for content, it's the frickin' Beatles, enough said.
The packaging is also good. The discs have their own portfolio, with each having their own slipcase and are secured well within the portfolio. The book is interesting, insightful and well done. There are no BS trinkets that have little purpose other than to justify a higher price.


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Apr 26, 2013
Having bought this way back in the day, it is actually very moving to be enjoying it in 2021 in surround. The Beatles. I mean. And the wonderful title track? Fab. As they say. On my system the 5.1 has more presence than the atmos. Reverse was true for Abbey Road…. Strange. Loving it totally. 10.