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neil wilkes

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Feb 6, 2004
London, England
Green Menu, white writing, silly white rectangles for overlays!
Again, what moron thought that one up!

Moving swiftly onwards - the disc is stunning though, content wise.
The initial overture throws you at first.
Then Cvalda atarts, and that really threw me a yorker.
It starts off with mechanical noises sounding like a press, or a lift (Elevator for our colonial friends) that gradually turns into ther main beat & rhythm of the track.
And so it progresses.
I'd never heard this one before - and whilst it is indeed "different", it is still pure, classic Bjork in terms of it's execution & delivery.

And it gets better too, building constantly throughout.

VERY nice - and again only spoiled by the stupid authoring.
Best to turn the monitor off once it starts playing.:smokin


Well-known Member
Jan 11, 2004
THis is an interesting disc.. not sure if they sell it at full price seperately but if so its not exactly worth it. It is only 7 songs and 32min long. There are a few good ones in there but a lot gets lost without the video from the movie I think. No real extras or videos in here either. Worth listening to if you got the box set but not sure its worth picking up seperately.

kap'n krunch

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Nov 25, 2008
estados hundidos
an 8.
First of all , it's basically an EP.
The authoring SUCKS BIG TITTY (as with ALL of her dual discs).
The music is not very memorable, but sonically, it's VERY adventurous...Love the machines that turn into the rhythm section!!!...
Still, very recommended...