Bob Clearmountain on Mixing Atmos


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You'd think so, yeah. AllMusic unhelpfully lists some of those reissue credits as "Mixer" and others as "Remixer."
But it's my understanding that without the original multitracks a proper stereo remix could never be accomplished and I'm sure, as he has stated, he did 5.1 remixes for FUN .......and they're ALL in his hard drives....OH, to be a fly on the wall in his studio!
You'd think so, yeah. AllMusic unhelpfully lists some of those reissue credits as "Mixer" and others as "Remixer."
Interestingly enough, he told me he's no longer in possession of the multitrack assets for Roxy Music's Avalon (despite having created the 5.1 remix years ago). I guess the labels demand this stuff back after the project is finished, even if it's in digitized form.
Since Clearmountain was ONLY commissioned to do the STEREO REMIXES wonder if the studios and/or artists are even aware he made 5.1 remixes for his own personal use?

And what would be the harm in THAT if they were NEVER shared with anyone other than himself?
Every mix I make is for both stereo and QS/RM/Dolby Surround. It sounds great no matter which way you play it. I think it all out as I mix.
I'd like to see or hear Bob Cleamountain do a Stones album like Some Girls or Black and Blue. Or make Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You really swing. He likely has some 5.1 mixes of live Stones projects he has worked on recently.
Bob ranks up there with Parsons for me. Got interested in him back when he was doing mostly live sound (or at least it seemed he was doing mostly live sound judging by the coverage Mix gave him). Totally cool if some of his non-stereo mixes would be released. Thanks for sharing the links!
The interview turned up as a podcast on Youtube - not sure if it's been seen before? Edit oops see it on the bottom. Still good to hear it again. :) Wonder if he's done any more mixes since? I'm pretty sure he previewed Born In The USA in another interview, wonder if/when that'll be out?
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