Brian Ahern (Emmylou Harris/Johnny Cash Producer) Unreleased 5.1 Mixes

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Just doing a bit of speculative Googling today of "Brian Ahern" + "5.1" based on the fact that he's only credited with two 5.1 mixes (Emmylou Harris's Producer's Cut and Johnny Cash's Silver) and usually guys who invest in their own 5.1-equipped studio are more prolific than that yielded couple of interesting results:

From a 2003 MixOnline interview/article:

"Working from his Easter Island Surround facility in Nashville, producer Brian Ahern has been working on the re-release of Emmylou Harris’ 1980 album, Roses in the Snow, and the Johnny Cash album Silver (released on SACD in February), which were both mixed on the Yamaha DM2000 Digital Production Console to create a 5.1 mix."

From the bio on Ahern's own website:

"Brian has moved his equipment into the 44-ft Great Room of his Nashville home, where he mixes 5.1 Surround Sound. These 5.1 projects include Emmylou Harris’ “Producer’s Cut”, Johnny Cash’s “Silver”, Little Feat’s “The Analogue Years”, and sixty songs for Jimmy Buffett."

Obviously Emmylou Harris' Roses in the Snow was never released in 5.1, but I can't find any mention of Little Feat releasing anything called The Analogue Years, nor any mention of Jimmy Buffett putting out anything in 5.1 Perhaps @Steel Woole could chime in if he's able to since I believe both Harris and Little Feat are both Warner artists.


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Little Feat’s “The Analogue Years
Yikes! There's a title that is going to make some folks start salivating! Seems to indicate an anthology of 70's recordings. But as that page appears to have been posted in 2014, it's difficult to be optimistic about that being a project that's still in the works. :(