Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin's Love Devotion Surrender on Quad SACD from Sony Japan Sept. 27, 2023


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Jan 9, 2013
I'm confused. When you say "I added this to my order". You already had an existing order, and you can add to it?
Yes, Gene. My previous order included items that wouldn't be released until 9/27 so I added Santana/McLaughlin to my existing order and it didn't change the already existing DHL s/h charges [which are still EXTREME]!

But according to CDJapan you CANNOT include any bonus points nor new coupon codes to an already existing order!


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Apr 23, 2013
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Yes, I'd never done it before with CDJapan as new releases always came after they had shipped the last one! so I successfully added it to my Supersession order
OK, how do I do this? Or, do I just assume, if I order this title, they will combine with my previous order??


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Nov 27, 2019
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When you order, it'll ask if you want to bunch stuff together for lower shipping costs. This of course will result in your items shipping when all items are available.
I've had to do this a half dozen times already on one current order full of September releases.
It makes PayPal accounting a bit of a mess but it always comes out correct.

When you place a second order it will ask you if you want to add it to an existing order with the earlier order number(s) listed underneath. If in the affirmative you then simply "click" on the existing highlighted earlier order number. Eazy Peazy.
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Aug 30, 2012
OK, how do I do this? Or, do I just assume, if I order this title, they will combine with my previous order??
Sign in and check you have Available under Order Mod

Then go and add stuff to your Cart, when you go to Check-out you will be asked if you want to add to a current order, and it should list the ones you can add to. When you pay they refund the unedited order amount and you repay the new amount - thats what they do on PayPal anyway.

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<Santana 50th Anniversary Part 6> SA-CD multi-hybrid edition that includes for the first time the super rare "4ch surround mix" of Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin's 1973 collaboration album "Soul Brothers" [Love Devotion Surrender] will be released on 9/27!​

SA-CD multi-hybrid edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the album "Soul Brothers" (original title: Love Devotion Surrender) released in 1973 under the joint name of Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin. will be released on Wednesday, September 27th. The 6th installment of Santana's 50th anniversary series, which started in 2020 as a project unique to Japan. In addition, the global premiere screening of Carlos Santana's feature documentary film "Carlos: The Santana Journey", which was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in June this year and became a hot topic, will be held in Japan on Saturday, September 23rd. , was decided on the 27th (Wednesday).

As soon as he made his debut in 1969, Santana created a sensation in the music scene not only in the United States but also around the world. ), and quickly joined the ranks of the super band. Although they were on the verge of breaking out, Carlos Santana, who put a break in wild Latin rock here, reflected modern jazz and a personal spiritual world in his fourth album "Caravanserai" in 1972. Surprised the fans by presenting a fantastic soundscape. And Carlos has a decisive opportunity to push that direction even deeper. That was his encounter with John McLaughlin of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, who had shocked the scene with his innovative jazz-rock. At that time, Carlos and John were both studying under Sri Chinmoy (a philosopher and religious leader from India), and guided by his teachings, the two began co-producing an album. All major members of the Santana Band and Mahavishnu Orchestra also participated in the recording.

This sublime and passionate collaboration album, which two super guitarists played as their soul commanded, had a stereo version and a 4ch surround mix quadraphonic version (not yet released in Japan). It has continued to this day without any recurrence. This edition, which will be revived as an SA-CD for the first time in the world, has undergone DSD mastering at Sony Music Studio in Japan with the original 4ch mix master sound source of Quadraphonic, just like the previous series. With this, not only can you hear the nuances of each instrument's phrases and playing very clearly, but the passionate guitar battle between Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin becomes even more divine with the high-quality surround mix. Invite. In addition, the SA-CD stereo mix is also newly mastered from the original 2ch mix master sound source, and the CD layer is the latest remastered board that converts the SA-CD stereo master to PCM. The package is a 7-inch paper jacket that has been elaborately resized from the US version of the Quadraphonic LP.

Catalog number: SICP 10145
Price: ¥4,850 (tax included)
Released on September 27 (Wednesday)
[Complete production limited edition / Japan original issue]

[Features of the SA-CD Multi-Hybrid Edition]
  • [SA-CD 4ch] A high-quality surround mix that was the first DSD mastering of the Quadraphonic LP analog 4ch mix master sound source at Sony Music Studios in Japan.
  • [SA-CD 2ch / CD] High-quality stereo mix with new DSD mastering of analog 2ch mix master sound / New mastering sound source with CD layer converted from SA-CD master to PCM
  • 7-inch paper jacket that reproduces the artwork of the original US edition Quadraphonic LP for the first time
  • Reproduce the gold label of the US board original Quadraphonic
  • Reprinted US version original inner bag printed with English commentary on Quadraphonic
  • Original overseas advertisement mini-poster included at the time of album release in 1973
  • Japanese edition original LP first edition obi reprint
  • Reprinted 1973 and 2003 liner notes + booklet with new commentary
  • 2023 latest remaster board

  1. A Love Supreme
  2. Naima
  3. The Life Divine
  4. Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord
  5. Meditation
This is Great News, Ordered from CD JAPAN
I hope Japan Sony release more from Santana, as they have
the Quadraphonic Original Tapes and they all sell out.

Thank You For Posting.


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Jan 1, 2010
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Since folks are already receiving these, I put the poll up: